Filet Meat…!

2020-07-19 15:47:57




Good Afternoon うさぎ





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Heyー lookieーーーー!!!!!



A little while back
As a birthday present from the staff-san who I’m always indebted to, I got this reallllly good filet meat that I ate義理チョコステーキ


I could still eat itーーーー lol lol



Really. it was so tender…
It was such a delight….ハートハートハート






And, cooking it well my own style made me happy too, arranging it too felt pretty great ya knowー!? lol
Waーi Waーーーiハート




By the way, the garnish vegetables were
・Mini tomatos
・Bell peppers
・Red paprika
・Eringi mushrooms
That’s it!!!
A festival of things I like *(^o^)/*



I am into celery same as always!!!




Yummy things are a delight yah〜!!!




Well then, laters kayパー







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