2021-02-07 21:05:07

Yesterday was,

星 M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~ 星
Osaka performance!!
My first live in a long time…
I was filled with nerves and anticipation !!
Standing on stage gettingto see everyone made me happier than anything else
Of course for me getting to be in the same space with everyone and in that sapce getting to sing, dance, and perform, I felt like, I love it ラブラブ
In this situation,
I feel like even coming to the venue there’s uneasiness it’s rough but, those who came, thank you so much!
And we’re in this situation so
I feel there are those of you who wanted to come but couldn’t too. When this situation calms down I hope we see each other soon…!
Really eveyrone
always always
thank you so much for your warm support ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The members in Osaka!
Kudou Haruka-chan
Nihei Yuuka-chan and
Kobayashi Hikaru-chan!
With these cute fun 3 people
it was very soothing 照れピンクハート
Getting to also eat takoyaki made me happy〜
It was yummy〜
From when I was writing for the daily raw photos
If you’re going to Osaka, it’s takoyaki!
I’d be great to eat takoyaka in Osaka huh〜
I was thinking about it so getting to eat some made me happy 🐙🏀
Do you like it???💓

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