Bijin Hyakka March Issue ♡

2021-02-28 17:08:03

I ended up writing this blog late but
Currently released
『Bijin Hyakka March Issue』
front cover, I got to be on it !!!!!!
My first…
Solo front page!!!!😭💓
I’m reallyyyy happy!!
When I heard the talk about the front cover from Manager-san and
when doing the shoot too
I was really happy
All the fans will totally be overjoyed right?💕 I got WakuWaku excited うさぎハート
Well, when it was announced!
there were lots and lots
and lots and lots of all of you who were overjoy
it really really made me happy yah… ピンクハート
From here
I don’t know how to say it well but…
For me you know
just it being me of course makes me happy ya know!?
But all you fans being you
said “I’m happy!” a lot, you were overjoyed for me
You celebrated for me, “Congratulations!”
You’re really kind or rather
once again I felt loved you know 😭💓
For me of course everyone being overjoyed is the thing that makes me most happy! ハート
I feel like I like want be my cute self and well,
For sure looking in the mirror, the days I go, “Oh! Today I’m not looking puffy, I’m cute yah!” even for me that’s mood lifting but,
“Seeing cute Sayumi cheered me up”
“Seeing cute Sayumi is soothing,”
getting that kind of praise, everyone being delighted, that is the number 1 motivation I can get you know!!!
And so
I feel like I can’t get it across well at all but…
always, thank you ピンクハート
coming across each other
come to like me
be there for me
thank you… ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
For the front cover there’s 2 patterns
This gorgeous black dress and ハート
These cute pink clothes ピンクハート
I have so much off shots
The limit came so soーーon 😂
In the pages too there’s lots of inserts I got to do
I even got to arrange the planning ハートハートハート
Really I’m so happy for so much 😭
I still have off shots, I haven’t put them all up yet so
I think I could put them up later…!ハート
Please by all means look at the video with a look at the front cover shoot day too kay

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