Question Submission!

2021-06-26 13:59:16

I wrote it 1 blog ago,
Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2021’s Question submissions.
Thi time, we’re doing the questions as always and close to NG questions, there’s 2 kinds but,
『One person, one answer』
that way of saying it makes it a little hard to understand huh 💦
Questions as always,
Close to NG questions,
It means 1 of each so
In total 1 person can do 2 things that’s what it means!!!!
Sorry if that got confusing 💦
If, you are someone who’s already send in just one, by all means please send in your question as an addition kay!
The submission Web site’s guide text has been made easy to understand too!
Again, please give me your support ✨

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