2022-02-12 23:02:04

I little while back
I wrote it on twitter too but
Vanilla ice cream + yogurt + frozen blueberries 🍨🐮 mixing them together and eating them is something I’m totally super into❣️
Yummy yummy, I end up eating so mcuh of it like every day… 😆😆😆
Ice cream, yogurt, and blueberries, after mixing it up intensely I eat it but you know,
When I’m mixing it the blueberry’s color looks good, it becomse like a marble pattern, I like seeing it!! So pretty〜✨
Sometimesー I put in frozen strawberries and stuff but I think I prefer just blueberries!? lol
Ahー, I want to eat some non-frozen strawberries
I want to go picking strawberries 🍓
Picking strawberries 🍓 picking mikan oranges 🍊 with all the fans was fun yah
I want to do a bus tour yah😭💗💗
And you know, a little bit back, I wanted to eat cookies for sure no matter what like mad,
I at Seijo Ishii cookies (Sables) and…

It was Sooo verrry ❣️ yummy ! SakuSaku flaky!
The smaaーll nuts? in them were the best!!
The Calories were surprisingly high so, you shouldn’t look… lol
After I saw it I decided not to see it ❤️ lol
HelloShop Goods are now out !!スター

Gao Roar 🦁

Please check it out 🐰🐱

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