2022-02-16 23:47:11

Good Evening
since yesterday
I’ve had mouth ulcers, it hurts,😢…
It’s hard to eat meals…😌
But, even while it’s hard to eat and it feels painful I’m eating the same as always ❣️😆
I have to take my vitamins りんごさくらんぼバナナジューストロピカルカクテル

Lookie Lookieハートバレンタイン

The Gelato Pique and Animal Crossing Collab roomwear is so cute 🥺💓

I got it from Gelato Pique-san ❣️✨

I’m so happy 😭ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

Even the tags are cute 🏷

Joyyyy !!ふんわり風船ハートふんわり風船星

Wearing cute roomwear, my time at home is really comforting♡

It’s FuwaFuwa fluffy warm, and soft so, the comfort is the best tooハートハート

I’ll update latersジンジャーブレッドマン本命チョコピンク薔薇

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