Wrong Impression Or Misunderstanding???

2022-02-18 23:08:23

Good Evening 星空
My stomach ulcer…… 雷
Still hurーーーts!!😂… 雷雷雷
But, already it seems a little better already… I think? 音符
It’s getting better 薬キラキラ
Think I need my vitamins, I ate fruit but
it stings… lol
By the way, I got it in a kinda little bit weird place? The rightful path of stomach ulcers??? It isn’t behind my lip or near the tip of my tongue,
Some how or another, it’s in a place where I’m scared when I bite down with my teeth!! lol
With that meaning, having the mouth ulcer,
while it’s recovering I end up bitting it, and I get one all over again…💦
I don’t need to worry about things like that, calm down 😆😆😆 ぽってり苺
I want it to heal soonーー.
simple stresses グラサンハートピリピリ
By the way you know…
Mouth ulcers…
When I say it out loud.
[tl note: The word is pronounced Konaien]
I end up saying that….
Or I should say…
I thought it was Kounanen… that’s how I was 💦😭
2.3 days ago when I started writing it on my blog for this mouth ulcer
Eh? The kanji isn’t coming up! What!?
(I tried typing it all kinds of ways.)
Ah… it’s Kounai…en.. huh.
That’s right, it’s Inflammation (enshou) in (nai/naka) the mouth(kou/kuchi),
Kounaien, oh yha, it’s amazing Japanese!!
That’s how it went 拍手爆笑
Well, that said, it was a wrong impression? misunderstanding? kinda thing, that happens yah!?
Me, long ago, really thought a washing machine, was a Sentakkiー,
Of course now I know it’s 『Sentakuki』 but
Even now when it comes out of my mouth I say 『Sentakkiー』 🙃🙃
This is probably because I’ve had that connection since I was small, so it doesn’t seem like it’ll fix スタースタースター
Everyone has misunderstandings or wrong impressions like that too right !?キラキラ

Me now ニコニコハート
Well then, I’ll update later ピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符

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