At the age where I want to be flattered?

Well ☆


This morning I had a meat cheese doria ♪


I also had some chips earlier this morning (^◇^)┛
Wasabi flavored chips!
They smelled so strong! (°□°;)
But then right after, they turned sooo good (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


You know lately, I’ve been really liking anything doria (≧∇≦)↑


And recently I ate some oyster doria on accident↑
I don’t eat oysters at all (」゜□゜)」
But wanting to eat doria just… (>Σ<)


When you put oysters into doria, it becomes delicious (⌒~⌒)


Oysters are an acquired tasted aren’t they ♪


But it seems like, aside from the raw kind
I can now handle oysters!


I must apologize for being so ambiguous towards oysters earlier…


Now as for Sayumi who can’t be clear on her feeling towards oysters
where do you think she’s going now!?


I’m going to get a massage o(^-^)o


I love getting massages and giving them as well (≧∇≦)


In giving massages
I love it when the person gives you lots and lots of compliments


Like “Wow you’re good, it feels so good!”
those compliments make it really worth doing ↑


When they stay silent, I get pretty worried
as to whether it feels good or not
So I generally like to massage people who compliment me ♪


But there is 1 big no-no
and that is complimenting other girls more than me!


Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika happens to be really good at massages
So the other members are always like
“Aika, you’re so good at giving massages”


I am so openly jealous of Aika-chan (lol)


But Aika-chan is always considerate and says
“Michishige-san, your massages are better”
My response to that
I won’t deny it at all
*look of self-satisfaction* (`∇´ゞ


What’s wrong with the both of you being good you say ↑
Well I know that in my head
But I”m just being stubborn about it (>_<)


I’m a 20 year old and not mature at all (;_;)


But I don’t plan on massaging today, just getting one
so I can be at ease ♪


And relax ↑


And now, so that all of you will praise me
I’m off to steal some pro massage techniques ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


I guess I can’t really relax after all (lol)


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