Japanese food, kind of


I just ate lunch ☆


I had some kind of Vietnamese food (*^□^*)


And last night, I had Italian food ↑


For tonight, I have plans to have some Thai food ♪


But I’m not in Vietnam, Italy, or Thailand (o^∀^o)


Food is a universal thing huh, wow!


I wish I could be that widely known (≧▼≦)

0 thoughts on “Japanese food, kind of

  1. I wonder where she could be?
    Europe, Africa, Australia, somewhere in the Americas, maybe somewhere in Asia.

  2. Judging from the length of the flight she shouldnt be farther away from Japan than Hawaii. But when the time stamp said 20.00 she was talking about the sunset. So maybe she travelled west? I dont know this timezone stuff confuses me.

  3. I was being sarcastic.
    Its pretty obvious there is only a few places she could be. And with H!P’s love of Hawaii, Hawaii would be my guess.

  4. Oh my god ! She ate Vietnamese food !!! I’m a vietnamese !!! I’m so exciting !!!
    I think she isn’t hawaii or Guam !!! Maybe a new place !!! H!P went two place too much ! and now they changed !!!

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