Dog (female)

Continuing from yesterday… I ran into a dog just a while ago


She didn’t have that initial cute impact as much as yesterday’s dogs


but her cuteness slowly grew… that’s the kind of dog she was (^・ェ・)


She looked so happy, sticking her tongue out
while watching us the entire time
In watching her,
it just naturally made me smile
and feel as happy as she did (^皿^)


She was very energetic ↑


The puppy really liked one of the guy staff members ♪


but whenever I or another female staff member approached her, she ran away!


Hearing that, I think it was a female dog


Well, her personality was pretty easy to figure out (lol)


Nicely done (≧▼≦)

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  1. I laughed out loud at the last lines. Sayu wishes she could play that kind of game with guys. xD

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