Aika blog "20days"

It’s almost Christmas~(^-^)v♪
How does everyone plan on spending their time? (*^^*)

The streetlight illuminations are so pretty
walking down the street just fills you up with Christmas spirit doesn’t it (*>▽<*)!!!! I put up a small LED Christmas tree in our house entrance hallway (^□^)v If you guys want, please decorate your houses up as well ★

☆Izu☆ Rushing into Day 2!!!!!
We went to see a dolphin show ♪
They let us copy the trainer on some moves (^ε^*)/
The dolphins are soooo cute (‘▽’)
They’re so smart and their reflexes were amazing, it was a surprise for me (☆∨☆)!!!!
I was so happy they followed all of my signals (^_^)♪

aika blog

aika blog

aika blog


Aika blog "19days"

Hello m(__)m☆☆

The cold weather is pretty noticeable nowadays,
you guys haven’t caught colds or anything right???
I don’t feel the coldness at all actually, so I’m fine ♪♪
I wear down-clothing so actually its quite the opposite, it’s pretty hot (+_+;)(LOL)

Continuing on with Izu!!!
You’re not bored with it right!? It’s ok… right? (;_;)

aika blog

aika blog

This was during the live concert ☆(^^)
The t-shirts have rhinestones attached to them (^-^)v
They were given to us like that!!! (^^*)LOL)
Were you guys surprised when you saw us come out? (*^^*)
I was pretty surprised… everyone moved up closer to us f(^^;(LOL)
Including the members, I’m glad we all got through that safely!!!!
It was a bit dangerous, but it was a lot of fun when everyone got out of their seats ♪♪
That’s something that can’t be done when the whole group is there (^_^)☆
I’m sure you guys all enjoyed it (^^)!!!!
The setlist wasn’t the stuff we normally sing
and we formed mini units as well…
I think it turned out to be a very special live ☆★
We all had a great time, what about you guys? ♪♪
I think the Izu concert was a great success ☆☆

Risa Deco "Episode 3 Part 3"

It’s done!!
Ja Ja Jaaaaan ☆
The pen stand for this project has 4 sides and this is how they ended up ☆

risa deco

And it does not matter which side you look at…
because it was designed so that guys and girls can use it ☆
The first side is red

risa deco

The second side is blue

risa deco

The third side is black

risa deco

The fourth side… is a secret ☆

It’s pretty special so whoever wins this can tell everyone what’s its like once he/she gets it ☆
because… the winner will understand the 4th side the most ♪

very special ya know ☆

Look forward to it~ ☆

Aika blog "17days"

Fufufu (^3^)☆

The Izu FC tour was fun~(>▽<*)/
It was my first bus tour in Japan ♪
I thought it was gonna be fun, but not this much fun (*^ー^)☆☆
“Tanaka-san presents” was a big success (^∨’*)/♪
For me, the scenery and hearing the “It was fun!!!!” from the fans really healed me ♪
Everything was just so lovely ☆
The most touching scenic moment I saw was the stars that looked like a sea of diamonds in the deep black sky. ♪♪
I don’t think you can see that sort of thing back in Shiga!!!!
At least not since I went camping in the mountains (∨∇∨)☆☆
The atmosphere was beautiful, seeing the night sky like that was amazing (*^^*)♪
…what am I saying!? lol Was that a bit too romantic?? (^^)

I will be uploading all the pictures I took for those of you who were unable to make the trip this time ☆☆

First off, day 1!!!!
A 5shot (!∨!)☆
We shot them in yukatas ♪♪
Does it look good on me?? (”)

aika blog

Before things started, we ate some vanilla ice cream (^-^)v

aika blog

Also, although we were far from Mt. Fuji, we could still see it!!!
The summit was white with snow and clouds, I don’t know if you can tell though??
Here’s the pic (^◇^)
There’s still a lot more though ☆

aika blog

But for now, we’ll end here ♪♪
Til next week ~(^∀^)>☆
Well, bye (^3^)/

Aika blog "18days"

Hellooo (^3^)/♪

Well it has finally come…
this weekend is Kusumi-san’s graduation (*_*;)汗)) 汗 = sweat
And I was just thinking that there was still more time left too (-.-)
These days sure went by fast ↓↓↓ Like Kusumi-san though, I’m not gonna cry!! (^ー^)
But because of that, this graduation feels different from all the others (^-^)☆
Well I gotta take care of myself and prepare for this weekend (^∀^)>♪

Now.. now.. time to post some pics from Izu!!!!!
This is a board we all wrote on ☆(^^)

aika blog aika blog

I drew a lion and a tiger (^▽^)!!!!
It’s obvious those are a lion and a tiger right? (^○^)☆
They’re so cute (*☆▽☆*)♪
I’m not really good at drawing so,
I tried really hard to draw this lion and tiger ☆★
Here’s a 2shot with Jun!!!!
2 beauties in yukatas right!? (*^^*) lol

aika blog

Risa Deco "Episode 3 Part 2"

Oook (●´∀`●)
Just about finished… have a look!!
First off!!
It’s got some pink and red ♪
And… some black as well!!

Risa Deco Risa Deco

I think this time it turned out pretty well…
I’ll be waiting with excitement ☆

Aika blog "15days"

Helloooo (^∀^)>☆

aika blog

This is a puppy (*^^*)
Can you figure out whose puppy it is? (*^∨-*)/ lol
She always hides her face when she sleeps ☆
Nobody wants their sleeping face to be seen right? (”) lol
Whenever I’m in the area I’ll stop by because seeing
her sleep always rejuvenates me ♪♪
I wonder why animals have such a powerful healing effect? Hahaha (∨▽∨*) lol

And then, since there weren’t a lot of pics uploaded from the
Kimagure Princess music video filming.. take a look at these!!!!

aika blog aika blog

More of this next time… ♪

Aika blog "14days"

Mornin (*^O^*)☆

Starting Saturday we had another session of getting to know our fans better (^∨^)
It’s been a while since we had our last outdoor concert ☆★
Reminds me of Hawaii… (^^) The fans think so too!!
It was like ahh let’s do a Hawaii FC tour again o(>ε<*)o
Well I definitely wanna do it!!!!!!!
I mean, there’s a special feeling to those FC tours and the scenery is just beautiful

Anyway… the Sendai concert!!
It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve last been to Sendai ♪
Ahh cow tongue is definitely the best.
And.. and.. my first Hello Shop event!!!!!!!
I had a great time together with Kamei-san (*☆∇☆*)↑↑
I’d definitely like to do that again ♪♪
Plese call me over again \(^-^*)
I wanna hear all the questions you have to ask!!!! (^^*)
But, please don’t ask any questions that puts the members in a tight spot ok? Promise me (^□-)/

If everyone was healed from Kamei-san and my talk session, I’ll be very happy (∨▽∨*)♪

Well.. til we meet again (!▽!)☆

aika blog

Aika blog "13 days"

Hello again ~(^^)d☆

It’s gotten pretty cold hasn’t it, are you guys doing okay? I’m doing fine ♪♪
My throat has been a bit parched lately..
but I bought a new humidifier recently, so I’m OK now (^∇^)v

That reminds me.. Guardian 4’s 3rd single “PARTY TIME” is
now being shown as Shugo Chara Party’s opening song \(^∨^)/
The four of us are really excited about this song ☆☆
Parts of the video clip have been shown too!!!
This time, we have a green version of the uniform (^^)
This pic is from the PV filming session \(^V^)(^U^)/
The final thing ended up being really cute (*>▽<*)♪
I hope everyone can watch this soon ♪♪

aika blog

Also, a little while ago, I had sukiyaki~!! It’s winter after all..
so I was thinking “hmmm some hot pot would be nice, let’s do some sukiyaki”
In the bowl, we have a pair of eggs ☆★

aika blog

(☆∇☆)(☆□☆)(☆◇☆) Also, lately I’ve been having pairs in everything!!!!!
Like in yesterday’s sukiyaki, we had meat and tofu and stuff…
and in it, we had pairs of everything ♪
It feels like its a sign that something lucky is gonna happen ☆
I hope all of you guys have something lucky happen to you too (*U▽U*)
What a great day… ☆

Risa Deco "Announcement of episode 2's winner"

At this time, I would like to thank you for all the applications and precious opinions submitted for the one of a kind mirror decorated by Niigaki.

And so, allow me to announce the lucky winner on this card!

Pen name:
Much respect to Gaki’s papa-san

We plan to ship out the item in the middle of November.
Please look forward to it ☆彡