[IZAM’s Blog] Finally They’re Married-zoi!!!

July 12, 2016 21:21:06



Good Evening 🌝








Finally they’re married huh!




Kotani Yoshikazu-kun and, Niigaki Risa-chan’s marriage!(≧▽≦)









Really an auspicious occasion huh…。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。









Well, they’re very much go together those two so you cna’t help but be happy!(^∇^)





During the time when they still hadn’t announced they were together I went drinking with the 2 of them,
On the way home, they bare such pretty faces, boldly hand in hand walking the street, seeing Koniー seeing Risa-chan off,
Won’t them going off that way end up causing a fuss?,
I was worried, that night feels nostalgic. (;^_^A













From a usual time, these fashionable, stylish 2.




Koniー on this day, the night came to a point!
at the Okonomiyaki shop, for some reason he was rapping.


Risa-chan with such a kind smile was watching Koniー so,
I remember I was a little jealous with how affectionate their relation is, I had thought, “Maybe I should shut Koniー’s rapping mouth with my rap 〈※Saran Wrap〉. That too is already a nostalgic incident. v(^-^)v




No no, that’s no good huh!(;´▽`A“ lol








Supporting these fantastic 2, next time we meet
I’ll try sucking in their newly-wed essence.(°∀°)b 





Koniー, Risa-chan, Happy Summer Wedding🎵o(゜∇゜*o)(o*゜∇゜)o~♪






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🐠Kyuushuu Do Your Best🏄




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[Kotani Yoshikazu Blog] Announcement

2016-07-12 18:28:45



To everyone who is always supporting me, and everyone who is cheering me on.


I, Kotani Yoshikazu, get to announce that yesterday, July 11th, we had registered our marriage papers.


My partner is Niigaki Risa-san who I announced my engagement with the other day.


She, is always supporting in our private lives, as actors she always provides me with motivation.
I also with this year will be my 17th year since I debuted.
From here on as an actor I feel I need to grow even more.

From today, the 2 of us are starting our new life together.
Without forgetting our gratitude to everyone around us, the two of us will treasure our time together, with consideration for each other, and warmly, we feel we want to make a fantastic family with unending smiles.


In our private lives and work the 2 of us will join our strength, and from here on as well we intend to face them with all we have, sincerely.
From here on as well please continue to support us.
And, we would be blessed if you were to watch over us warmly.


Heisei 28, July 11th
Kotani Yoshikazu














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[Takahashi Ai Blog] Gakisan♡

June 16, 2016
Theme:mY friend





Yesterday with my gen mate Niigaki Risa-chan
we had a meal♡


During it Abe-san what are you doingー?
You calledー! You called me tooー!
adn so
for the first time the 4 of us ate together♡





And so, a celebratory plate came together and
came out♡




Even though we didn’t order anything special
It ended up being Gakisan-like plate, it was surprising!!!


The first announcement for the 2 of them too~
they were overjoyed о(ж>▽<)y ☆




Really these two fit together
with a fully happy aura
from beginning to end they were fluffy and warm


For me it was my first time in a while having alcohol
I might have ended up drunk
Abe-san ended up calling me annoying hehe


It was just sangria though you know~
Maybe it’s because I drank it with straw lol


And so!
Gakisan and I have the same pose!
Seeing the picture after I was surprised.


During the 1st picture we’re kinda especially alike ( p_q)


Of course we’re gen mates huh~


Gakisan, truly congratulationsーーー!!!


I’m glad we got to celebrate♡♡♡


We’re planning to get together with our gen mates soon so
at that time I’ll put that up too you know!






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[Kotani Yoshikazu Blog] Announcement

2016-06-13 19:00:00
[tl preamble: I am not gonna make a habit of translating Kotani-san’s blog, but it was requested as a thing to compare to Gakisan and I felt like doing it. Cheers]



For your constant support, truly thank you so much.


Today I have an announcement for all my precious fans.


At this time, Kotani Yoshikazu has decided to get married to Niigaki Risa-san in July.




From here I feel we’ll be combining our strength to go and make a cheerful and joyous home with undying smiles.


I’m still inexperienced as an actor but, from here I’ll be continuing to put my efforts into the same work and plays I’ve been doing up to now, I feel I need to face it seriously in order to get even better.


And to everyone concerned, my family and friends, and more than anything all the precious frans who are supporting me, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.


From here on as well as the actor Kotani Yoshikazu, I will face my play work seriously, and devote myself so I can grow.


From here one please continue to support me.


Heisei 28 June 13th


Kotani Yoshikazu


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[Takahashi Ai Blog] ♡Gakisan♡

June 14, 2016






My gen mate Niigaki Risa-chan has
announced her marriage♡♡♡


Truly congratulations!!!




This is from New Year’s, the year crossing live we did but
that seems like it was a while back.




With the 5ki we have a group line going and
there, when she contacted us giving us the announcement early~
I was completely surprised!


With a fellow actor and comrade,
she said, there’s a lot of things you we can understand about each other I think~。


I’ve known Gakisan since she was 12 so
She’s becoming a wife?…
I’m filled with kinda strange feelings but
I’m as happy as I would be for myself!!!




Gakisan, to you eternal happiness!!!







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[Shimizu Saki Blog] 2 Days In A Row

2016-06-09 21:28:12




2 days in a row of theater appreciation.
Today it’s the one Niigaki-san performs in
DisGOONie Presents Vol.3 play 「Sin of Sleeping Snow」
Today I went to go see it with Aika too!(^^)
Aika and I are so 2 in 1 ☻☻






The sword fighting was amazinggg!!!
That sense of speed and intensity!!
I couldn’t take my eyes off it!!
Watching there it was so much I stopped breathing!!
But here and there there are funny parts too (^^)
The strained atmosphere and the sudden funny atmosphere really got me you know.




Niigaki-san, you are so coolーー!!
The sword fighting and the way you talked was so rousing, it had such a gap between usual Niigaki-san!!
With such a long play, and that much sword fighting, I feel like you’re really using up your strength so, please take care to not get hurt up to the very end and do your best >_<♡



Whenever we meet Niigaki-san says 「Let’s go eat kay (^^)」!
I want to make that happen♡





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[Takahashi Ai Blog] Eri♡

June 11, 2016






From my beloved Eri
I got an unexpected wedding present♡♡♡



She hadn’t given it to me this whole time
She said she’s sorry



Such a good person ya!



More over, she gave me these really stylish towels.




Ron Herman♡♡♡



I’ll treasure using them



Eri, thank youーーー!!!!!



For the first time in a while I got to see Sayu and Eri
It was super super super fun о(ж>▽<)y ☆



Both of these 2
When it comes to Aichan, because of Aika you know~
it seems it’s making them kinda jealous so
I feel like they did their best and invited me out.



It’s not like you need to worry yourselves about senpai!



Sheesh! I love you 2 too!








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It’s Iikubo Harumi But…? Iikubo Haruna

2016-05-29 21:46:40
Theme:Satou Masaki


It’s Maーchanデス




Today I think?


Yesterday I think??


Harunan’s phone has died



She can’t put up Wear



And she can’t put up a blog either







Maーchan and Harunan


For coming today really


we tHank you so much*\(^o^)/*










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[Yoshizawa Hitomi Blog] ☆Babies”R”Us☆

2016-04-27 20:04:19


The comments from all the fans!
Comments for Shige-san and Kame-chan.
I read the comments filled with love.
Lots of them, thank you so much!!
The 2 of them were happy to you know~~ they mailed me♡



To all of you SayuEri fans.
I’ll supply you with info again kay!(lol)
Next time, I should put up as many pictures as I can huh (lol)
Wait for it kay (≧▽≦)



For today~~
I went to look at baby supplies at Babies”R”Us!
Baby cars and Child seats…
There’s so many kinds!!
I don’t know which would be good (゜д゜;)


For carrying straps, I went with what works.


They had maternity supplies too so I got leggings and underwear.
I bought folic acid candies!


There’s lots of things I still need.


The tension from my first Babies”R”Us⤴️


In an explosion of maternal instincts о(ж>▽<)y ☆




I wonder if you could ride in thisー.




I want to ride it!!(lol)


I have to take the baby to the main office too (^_-)-☆






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[Yoshizawa Hitomi Blog] Shige-san Kamei-san.

2016-04-26 17:51:05


Yesterday my cute kouhai,
Michishige Sayumi-chan, and Kamei Eri-chan celebrated my wedding & birthday with me~(≧▽≦)


Let us celebrate plea~se!
I got contacted by the 2 of them!!
Our first meal together in private!
For the place too, the 2 of them made reservations~^ ^
It was fun~!!


The 2 where both the same as ever…
Shige-san had turned younger to around when she joined Morning Musume。ー!!
For Kame, her being a strange girl might have powered up (lol)
More than anything the 2 of them both were really very energetic, like they’re having fun every day, it gave me peace of mind♡


“For today, we can be free and loose right!!”
they said…
“Yocchan,” and, “Yossy~” things like that…
It was them letting it all out (^^;;


My sharp minded kouhai.
“Please make use of these pair mugs,”
and they gave me clothes that open in the front as a present♡



Thank you♡ My cute kouhai♡



They said next time they’ll drop by my house (*^.^*)







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