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Really lots of comrades came!

Inaba Yuuーー!!!


Yuuーーー! Reaaally
It’s been such a long time
Uwaaa!! I got like that( ̄▽ ̄)

With Yuu, we did the pllay 【Sanada Juuyuushi】
In the play, for Yuu, it was hsi first play
Still in his teens…
Shees it kinda makes you think deeply.
He’s become an adult
he’s gotten serious (*^^*)
Thank youuu


And!! Kuro-channn




Kuro-chan, even though you’re younger
the same as always you are mature but,
you’re a really kind person… comfortinggg
Thank youuu!

And Yuuki-chan






In Risako no Gachikoi Haiyuunama
I starred with Yuuki-chan & Kaori-san
The two of them were really stable so
I relied on them a lot





And Kijyou no Kuuron team




Madoka & Kenchan
the same as ever the energy filled two

Thank youーー!

And, play 【Tengoku no Kyakuhonka】





Nagazaki-san is you know, just already like family.
always really warm,

I made you worry…
and talking
the play talk doesn’t stop.
I feel lots of love.




And we co-starred in Cherryboys






Always coming to see me…
telling me very happy opinions…
really thank you so much
and Kaorun





Kaorun too awlays coming to see me
Thank youu!
you’ve gotten mature Kaorun✩


Co-starring in Kijyou no Kuuron! Ao no Kyouki





Well, the moment I saw his face
I felt relievedddぐすんドキドキ



With Asupiー, I totally totally
Want to do it again you know!!
For sure I want to star together again!!
Thank youu Asupiーー

Tomorrow is the last!
Soko no Koto



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Lots of my comrades came
It makes me happyドキドキ






Maimi-chan and Nakkiードキドキ照れ


Getting to meet with you for the first time in a while made me happyyyお願い


And, the two of them both even told me their polite impressions..ぐすんドキドキ

it made me happy you know


This year we have to go eat for sureーーー!
we talked about itもぐもぐ




Team Ao!





Kamoi and Kana-chanドキドキ


And Ryou-san and Midzukiドキドキ



And here, a group picture and
Yuu-san came too♡
That made me happy!!
Next to me is Yuu=san




Yesterday afternoon had a after talk & live too
Oohata-san’s voice is pleasant
There Moriwaki-san dancing was fantastic too
A luxurious time!



Seeing my comrades cheers me upお願い







Always thank youドキドキお願い





Konacchan and Arai-chanドキドキ






And, Burichi and Yuーnoドキドキ目






Lots of my comrades came!!!


Really thank youドキドキドキドキ




Today too was two performances!
Today there’s still seats…
It’s seems you can still aim for good seats so
I’ll be waiting!!!





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Natural Make-up

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There were request
Natural make-up付けまつげアイシャドウ






Like thisドキドキ











base make-up I use these I introduced

After that, drawing brows
doing my cheeks

For my cheeks



ETUDE HOUSE and Canmake
using these

It’s a fluffy pink so

It’s very natural♡

And, with an eyelash curler, I get my lasers up
without using mascara



And just put on hacchi lip productー!

A! Of course



This hanataka powder,
T zone and C zone
I put it on there!

If you use it for reference even a little I’ll be happy (*^^*)




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Opening Day! Safely✩ Soko no Koto✩ From Here

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Soko no Koto

Opening day finished without problem

This time too


the whole time


Now that string feels like it’s melted


Once again tomorrow I’ll be piーーーーn.

【Soko no Koto】

Tomorrow too
the various words

delivering clearly..

standing there.

I’ll be waiting at the theater.









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I Wonder If I Should Show It…Sneak Peek

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Soko no Koto
One part

A sneak peek目





The set is realllly fantastic
with the music and lighting there it’s even more fantastic

This set, music, light, together
standing firmly on stage


Today’s opening day!!

Soko no Koto!

I’ll be waiting.








It’s quiーーte drying so
it might be best to have a maskゲホゲホドキドキドキドキ






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Full Course Until Dessert

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Together with papa too
eating cheese dak-galbi,

After that

「Let’s go eat dessertー」

we ended up talking about it

with everyone




Coffee Time






My stomach was pretty full so
The 3 of us ate one








It was so yummyお願い



Well you know, this sauce is coffee flavor!

And so it’s not too sweet
it can be eaten cleanly, really
I licked it up!!

It’s freshly made coming out so,
SakuSaku crispy hot, it was yummy

The other things on the menu seemed yummy too
there’s lots so
I think I want to go againドキドキ







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Heart’s Desire!!!

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Depicted on the wall





This… is so cute
I was constantly looking at itお願い










My desired!!!

Cheese Dak-galbi!!!!!



I totally wanted to eat ittt!!





It made me happyyyy!!!
And it was yummyyyyもぐもぐ
I want to eat it againーーーー

But a spiciness with good flavor
「Spicーy! Hoーt! Makes me sweatー」
I’m saying stuff like that but
my chopsticks won’t stop (lol) like that








It seems you can get it from home too so
Next time I’ll try doing itー! We talked about it




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