First Obentou In A While

2017-07-22 11:51:52



Today for hte first time in a while practice
was in the afternoon so



I got to make obentou♡




My husband has practice now too so, 2✩




There being practice, it’s been irregular meals
I’ve been going with just convenience store stuff so,
getting to make obentou was a relief.



Allーright! Today too I’ll do my best with practice!!!


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2017-07-22 01:22:35


A meal after I finished✩




Today I was pretty HetoHeto exhausted, I didn’t drink alcoholー




With meat I added up power




I forgot to take anything other than thisー(lol)



And, today after the meal I was so HetoHeto exhausted,
Up until right this moment I had fallen asleep💧


Even though I didn’t do any particularly severe movement
mentally my spirit was snatched away you know




With everyone, I’m making it. While my spirit whittles down



I want you to come see it.



I’m waiting for you



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2017-07-20 00:08:12



We don’t really eat sweets but



I love Thirty One [tl aka: Baskin Robbins]


so today we had our meal early so,


after the meal a rare for us, ice cream 🍨💗💓



We some


For me it’s always Jamoca almond!



For my husband it was maccha♡





With my phone





He randomly took this!!👀!



I just noticed it looking at my albumー(lol)




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I Wanted To Eat Korean Food

2017-07-20 00:07:31


Today with the face to face meeting finished, my stomach was PekoPeko famished
so we…




went to have Korean food!!







The samgyeopsal was yummyーーー yah





I had a little of the fresh makgeolli that I don’t really drink much too( *˙˙*)







The meat sushi was yummy♡







Gochisousama deshita♡




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Face To Face Meeting Over

2017-07-19 16:45:33



Risako’s face to face meeting finishedー!




Mmー. Oh my.



We read through the script but



I’m looking forward to practice starting tomorrow you know.



Kurehan’s world view


at last, I get to step through it.




Last time, it was a play based on the original work Satsujin Fujiko



This time Kurehan
drew up a new piece



Surprisingly there are “Pu。” and laugh-causing scenes too



I’m looking forward to it you know



With that kind of Kurehan





For today’s clothes, it’s a little simple (lol)


「Kurehan, what happened? Isn’t that simple?」


When I put that out there


「Starting tomorrow it’ll be flashy」


that’s what he said so…(lol)


I’m looking forward to it yah (lol)






Yup. Seems like we ended up taking htat kind of shot. (lol)


Birthmarks and stuff are cute right?




And, the pamphlet shoot





In a rush Kurehan took shots too




A high spirited shoot







Getting use to taking shots (lol)






Well, I’m heading home. (lol)






Starting tomorrow I gotta do my bestー.


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This Husband Of Mineー!

2017-07-19 10:47:10


These snacks
my husband and I, we both love them but



Last night my husband was eating and eating without getting fat


he was eating them like he was drinking them…( ー̀εー́ ) luckyー





( ー̀εー́ ) LUCKYー!!




Looking at them



The package has Doraemon on them… 👀!!!




Me 「Stop eating them like you’re drinkingーーー」




And of course!!







Doraemon was thereーーーーーー!!!!!




For realー waーi I was excited (lol)




After searching for Doraemon…



My husband went back to eating it like he was drinking it he did





(lol)( -ω- `) fu




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Thank You For Waiting

2017-07-19 00:02:30




My shoots ended up going into late at night…



My husband finished earlier


waited for me ( *˙˙*)



Thank you









A small kanpai♡





Playing with the camera








It’s something I want to forever treasure after times like this are over
you know.










Today the shoot was mostly without make-up so…



I had this kind of hairstyle up. (lol)








A Job Well Done♡



Tomorrow at last is, Risako


It’s our face to face meeting




I’ll do my best




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Popcorn And Fries

2017-07-17 06:17:53


From the fans we got this “Please wear these together,”



We got Tshirts✩(*ˊᵕˋ*)





For the cute Tshirts thank you so much
( ¯﹀¯ )


As a married couple we’ll be close and treasuringly wear them ✩










Popcorn and fries and…


of course beer 🍺(lol)






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