Wedding Ceremony

2017-05-16 08:10:39


We got the data of the pictures from our wedding ceremony in Hawaii


With Kazukun


We look at it♡







It’s nostalgic ya know



well we talked about it








It’s a memory for a lifetime


our wedding ceremony♡



I wanted to travel to Hawaii again you know, we talked about it a bit ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و











The album will be completed soon it seems
I’m looking forward to it yaaa♡









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Honky Tonk Sweat

2017-05-15 19:55:26



Practice finished✩




Honky Tonk





I sweatedddd




Reaaaaallllly sweated!



It was fun







There’s still a ways to go so, tomorrow on too with Mizuki-san as a base,



I’ll do my best!!!







Before I knew it, today I hadn’t eaten anーything
either you know.






I’m hungryーーーーもぐもぐもぐもぐもぐもぐ




I want to eat meat



that said, I’ve talked quite a bit so



for today it’ll be meat nyaラブドキドキ








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Mother’s Day

2017-05-15 11:32:13


Yesterday was Mother’s Day huh♡







After work dinner♡





Mama thank you always.


From here on too stay healthy kayyy♡



For my husband’s mother, I emailed her but
we couldn’t meet so I want to meet up soon you know 💓☺️


Kazu-san Mama♡


Truly thank you so much for always being kind (*^^*)


I love youドキドキおーっ!ドキドキ






I want to see you soonお願いお願いお願いドキドキ







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Solo Live!!!

2017-05-14 14:16:27



I’m preparing for July’s solo live!!



Did you get your tickets?



I’ll say it clearly
additional performances




are not happening!




I wonder if they’ll be additional performancesー?


People thinking that
There might be some of you like that too but…



There won’t be any so,




We can only do it that day!








By all means please come!



I wonder if we should start body building for it huh.



Together you know ( ̄▽ ̄)





we’re at the stage of picking songs now but,


This time it’ll be interesting too.




We’ll make that way for sure kay (*^^*)










Let’s make good memories together kay (*^^*)♡



In any case please get tickets soon✩




“I want to hear this song!” and
“I’d be happy if you did this corner,” if you have things like that
BanBan fill the comments please!



I’ll use it as reference kay!








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2017-05-11 23:14:36


Eaint a meal


I casually looked at my husband’s pants…





Whatー? Kazukun
what’s that pattern on your pants?





paw patterned





It was your doingーーーー?








Bustling bit by bit.



That’s Chopi’s existence




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