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Lots of my comrades came
It makes me happyドキドキ






Maimi-chan and Nakkiードキドキ照れ


Getting to meet with you for the first time in a while made me happyyyお願い


And, the two of them both even told me their polite impressions..ぐすんドキドキ

it made me happy you know


This year we have to go eat for sureーーー!
we talked about itもぐもぐ




Team Ao!





Kamoi and Kana-chanドキドキ


And Ryou-san and Midzukiドキドキ



And here, a group picture and
Yuu-san came too♡
That made me happy!!
Next to me is Yuu=san




Yesterday afternoon had a after talk & live too
Oohata-san’s voice is pleasant
There Moriwaki-san dancing was fantastic too
A luxurious time!



Seeing my comrades cheers me upお願い







Always thank youドキドキお願い





Konacchan and Arai-chanドキドキ






And, Burichi and Yuーnoドキドキ目






Lots of my comrades came!!!


Really thank youドキドキドキドキ




Today too was two performances!
Today there’s still seats…
It’s seems you can still aim for good seats so
I’ll be waiting!!!





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