2017-07-10 15:54:53


Yesterday I was so HetoHeto worn out









Making these kinds of faces but, I was mostly silent
that’s me when I’m fatigued…


Eating with gusto
I got grilled meat.










And so with this 1 glass I went batankyuー plop thud



But it gave me power!



Thank youuu😭💞










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Konno Asami-chan

2017-07-10 15:15:25


From my Gen-mate Konno Asami-chan,
when I heard there’s a baby in her belly,
and when I got to feel her stomach,
I felt so happy and overjoyed tears were coming out




Coming from Konkon as a base, the baby will for sure
be cute cute
it’ll probably be really cute yah( ¯﹀¯ )💓


From now I can’t help but look forward to it…♡




I want to see them soon you know♡




While enjoying your maternity life,
take care of your body too kay, KonKon♡








Really, congratulations♡




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2017-07-10 14:45:05
[tl note: names in Kanji are guessed based on common usage in names]


Lots of guests came for me!





First off isー Kuma-san♡







I love Ousama no Brunch so much I watch every episodeー
I’m glad I got to tell her that ( ¯﹀¯ )
Kuma-san thank you yahーー♡






The Totsuka couple♡




My beloved Totsuka couple♡
Thank you so much always!!!!!



And Suzu♡




Totally passed me in height…
always cute Suzu♡




And Amuro-san




Since I was small she said I was cute, kind Amuro-san♡ Thank you so much




And and!!!
Honky Tonk!!




Mizuki-san, Buri-chan, Yuuno
when I could see everyone from stage
I felt relieved
these warm people…♡
Thank you so much




And Ecchan




Ecchan, always smiling, and kind, I love you!
Thank you!!!




And Hitomiーーーーー




You’ve gotten prettier againーーー♡


Thank you for coming! Let’s get a meal together kay!




And 27cosme Ginza’s store manager Miku-chan♡




Today standing on stage with confidence
was thanks to Miku-chan!!!!
Being my strength building and body building instructor
really thank you so much!
And continuing on, I’ll do my best!!
Always and truly, thank you so much!!






And, Seri-chan♡





Always there comforting💞
My beloced Seri-chan.
She’s really a good person.
I want to go eat together soon yahー♡






my husband’s parents
Kazu-san Papa and Kazu-san Mama♡
Always warm
Kazu-san papa and Kazu-san Mama♡


Really I love you♡


From Kazu-san Mama, I got these piercings as a giftー♡
I want to wear them soon yahーーー💓😌💞


Thank you always




And, my husband





I didn’t know he got to come this time too but
He rushed to make it for me (*^^*)
Thank you✩



Really really lots of you came
it became emotional support for me



Thank you so much




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Outfits & Hair and Make-up

2017-07-10 14:40:43


This time for my outfit & Hair and Make-up


It was quiーーーーte










This time,
I wanted to do a festival theme so,
I wanted it made with yukata material, I suggested that




And got this cute outfitお願いお願いお願い




For my hair and make-up too in a festival style I got my hair in a way I don’t normally do ( ¯﹀¯ )




I like it so much I want to wear it again somewhere else♡






Fujii-san, Ooike-san


These two really,
from long ago I’m really indebted to them



Warm, and enveloping…



to these beloved 2…




Really thank you so much m(*_ _)m











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2017-07-10 14:35:35


Solo Live



Safely finishedーーー!!!!





Really, for the best time, thank you so much





Lots of girls came too that really made me happy, and the guys same as always were powerful, it really made me happy too…



We got to make the best summer memory!!



For these band members, for me they aren’t a back-band!!!




Really, as one of the members,
we made it together!!






Really thank youお願い








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2017-07-08 23:26:18



Today, being together with my husband,
it’s our 3 year anniversary♡






Being married it’s almost 1 year♡



Chopi coming into our family too,


Our lives calming down too, every day
it’s peaceful (*ˊᵕˋ*)



From here on too I want to be close
and spend time together smiling, that’s how I feel♡

















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2017-07-08 19:59:12







At Galand-san!!



For shoots, I got my hair lightened a little





Always fantastic with my hair color and cut
Maki-san did ittt♡ Thank you so much!



And, Tinchan✩
Soon you’ll have your stylist debut and things right?!!!
Uhoーーー✩ WakuWaku exciting♡




Chopi got to play with everyone too, he seemed very
delighted (*^^*)


All of Galand, they’re always warm
really it’s a calming salon




Thank you so much always♡(*ˊᵕˋ*)


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