Even On The Phone

2017-05-05 07:50:16



Evening phone call





Arriving at the hotel my husband finished work too




Moshi moーshi





It’s a video call so




We talk while seeing each other’s faces and during that




we end up doing like a funny face match






I lost.




And then this










if you’re gonna do stuff like that, then this!





I won’t lose.






I lost.




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Live ScheduledーーーUーOーーーー

2017-05-02 21:11:02



【Popcorn and Beer】


The live is scheduledーーーーーーお願い







I look forward to once again getting excited with everyone





I might not know the next time I can do this.


And yet


Even if I can only do 1 day you know!



get tickets kay♡










音譜Gakisan Live音譜









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Honky Tonk Face-to-Face Meeting!

2017-05-01 16:52:02


A new activity starting offーー!!


Honky Tonk!!




Today was the face-to-face meeting and script readinggg!



Hearing everyone’s voices,
what kind of play will this be?…



And in that what kind of way will I exist?



I participated while thinking about all kinds of things.




Creator, director
and, performer Mizuki-san is,



very easy to understand, and leads politely so



I realy look forward to this time too!!




I feel like it’ll be a fired up play!!




Everyone, please get your tickets soon kay!!













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Castn! RomaSaGa

2017-05-01 09:48:50


The Fatima role, Haru-san♡
The Katrina role, Toーma-san








Haru-san is, a kind older sister,
always watching out for us…
this time we’re in the same dressing room so we got
to talk lots, it’s really fun!











Cool, as a person, and an actor
I really respect her,
a very very
precious existence.
I’m glad we meet each other
I think that from my heart.











The Thomas role, Umaba-san
Ellen role, Kasumi-chan
Julian role, Murase-kun



This time, having a play with the 4 of us,
we talked a lot you know!



Until the very end,
to make fantastic scenes,
I’ll do my best!








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