Favorite Nails and New Nails✩

2017-11-04 13:16:22






For me a very precious existence


When my nails are pretty
it’s exciting
I get very UkiUki cheery you knowキラキラ



I’m always indebted to


乙女のトキメキNakayama Chieko-sanマニキュア乙女のトキメキ



really so amazing




so fantastic宝石紫宝石赤



Even more, she’s quite…



a good personハート




Really meeting her cheers me up



Getting them done from that Chieko-san


the new nails I introduced earlier…



Getting them done by Chieko-san
from among the nails I’ve had done up to now
she’s had so much of my favorites


I’m not sure which at are most but



One I’ll introduce one音符





I like PINK (⑉• •⑉)❤︎
I can’t get enough of this♡







It’s quite high in my favoritesマニキュア




And and


NEW nailsキラキラ







On top of the purple and pink
is KiraKira sparkling


Unicorn color nailsハート



Thank you so much always



A preview for next timeeeハート







【Personal Camera Situation and SNS Picture This and That】




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Disney Photos, My Personally Recommended Spots✨

2017-11-04 05:47:05






From the early morning晴れ
Good Morning虹



This entry is for me personallyキラキラ


カメラRecommended Photo Spotsカメラ




I’ll introduce you to itハイヒール




Mermaid Lagoon
I love it
this shot is one I take without failゆめみる宝石





Taking with the spot a bit separated
you can take the whole thing so
it comes out prettyyy乙女のトキメキ






This here too
I recommend ittt♡
This spot were the large boat moves船
It’s a pictuer that doesn’t seem like Japan
In TDS you can take lots so
I love ittt♡





at TDL…


Of courseee










It’s a popular spot so
right in front
people are all taking shots but,


from this slightly tilted position
taking one
it’s a clear shot of the castle



🏰It’s very good✨🏰







拍手キラキラpatipati ClapClapキラキラ拍手



My personally recommended spotsむらさき音符





If you refer to them even a little I’ll be happyy♡



A preview for next timeeeおいで







マニキュアFrom my favorite nails these new nailsマニキュア


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Disney✩ Personal Recommended Foods✩ My Appetite Doesn’t Stop♡

2017-11-03 18:43:36






With this Entry


My personalグッ


Reommended Food

I’ll introduce you to themmm✨💫



First off




In there




You can buy it at this wagon





音符Sprint rolls


【Egg & Shrimp】


【 Pizza 】


They have two kinds


I could take a photogenic picture too
The taste of the wrapper is BariBari crispy and very
yummy so, going to TDL I
get it without failllジンジャーブレッドマン






I like them the most!




ハンバーガーGlove Shaped Chicken Paoハンバーガーハート


There was a time when they didn’t have these pao
when they didn’t I was so sad
it seemed hopeless but…


recently they brought it backkk


拍手キラキラpatipati ClapClapキラキラ拍手


A lot of the time I end up eating more than 3
the breads MochiMochi springy feel and
the chickens’s sweet and saltiness
I can’t get enoughhhハート







Next is taking a terrace seat for the parade
watching from this very good position
you can enjoy these meals too




Tomorrowland Terrace





you can eat there


Mickey Bread Sandwich✨💫

I always get the set
and ask for friesーーー♡


This also, has Mickey shaped hamburger 🍔

Even taking pictures it’s cute
there’s all kinds so
while having fun you can eat these recommended Foods!





By all means, when going to a Disney resort
it’s Foods I want you to eat♡



If you refer to this even a little bit it’ll make me happy





A preview for next timeeeおいで





【My personal recommended spots to take photogenic pictures】



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Disney’s This And That!! Recommended Food✩ Spots And More

2017-11-03 12:38:41






I’ll live close to a Disney resort
💭I’ll GET a yearly pass
Every day I’ll get to feel 1 hour of Disney too
And moreover🗯
I want to go to the world of Disney too you knowハート


Having those dreams


It’s me but


Today my personal Disney


Recommended Foods
Recommended Spots


Recommended Goods



Countlessly coming up


I’ll introduce you to them kayピンク音符



First off


Recommended Goods










A coin case拍手ハート
The ones I have are







Thisis when going to the park
I hang it from my neck
and use it as my handbagハート


Every time I have to take it out from my bag
it takes time tooアセアセ
I don’t have to take it out rapidly so
having this coin case
it’s really


Going to Disney first off
you should GET these goods
that’s what I think personallyグッ



And next is…


If you say Disney of course it’sss







Hair accesoriesハート



Going I want to have fun so
I’m always putting them on,
I put on hat 🎩✨💫 type
things a lotー♡


This time I’m aiming for


This PINK cap
Mickey customizable



I’m aiming for it♡



There’s lots of variety so
please try to find the kind
of hair accessories that go with you音符



Using me as reference makes me happyハート




A preview for next timeeeおいで





【Introducing My Personal Disney Recommended Foods音符





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A Present From Aichan~ Promisedー Will It Be Fulfilled? Fulfilling!

2017-11-02 22:15:57





Takahashi Ai

Collabo Productハート






I got itttハート


I look forward to wearing it yahハート








「It’s a Birthday present」







I got a starbucks cardコーヒー





thank youuu音符






The 2 of us
promised to go eat together so








It’s easy to make happen ( ¯﹀¯ )




A preview for next timeee恋の矢







【An Impressive Thing, It Seems This Can’t Be Released】



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This is What I Really Wanted to Drink!! It’s Yummy-cuteee

2017-11-02 16:19:36





During ht time we waited for our accessories to be finished
we headed to…音符




I totally wanted to try going












Lightbulb sodaトロピカルカクテル



PikaPika sparkling, it’s cute
and the shape is cute tooooハート





And, it’s Halloween time
and so there was this too
The straws were in Halloween




















It was a fun date
with my little sisterrr



I want to meet up again soon yahードキドキ



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One of a Kind in The World Accessory Making*。 Juーst!!! How Much Time Does it Take Huh! lol

2017-11-02 11:56:54





With my little sis Shiratama-san
we went to the next thingDASH!










Accessories I wanted made ourselves
we picked them out



Among the countless things they ahd
we picked parts
to make an accessory
that there’s only one of in the worldddd!!! patipati ClapClap!!!拍手




But… however



There are personalities are different…💦


For me anyhow with my intuition
I went and picked them out bangbang but…


For little sis Shiratama-san









Just how unsure are you huh!!

It was like that lol

But Buttttアップ



A very very cute thing
was madeeeeeドキドキ




What we made this time was









Left → me.
Right → Shirtama-san



I like pink so,
I tried to gather basic pink things♡




Chopi-tan is there too恋の矢トイプードル



It came out cute
I’m greatly satisifeddd♡



One of a kind in the world accessories


Everyone too by all means
try making a trip there kayアップ



音符A preview for next timeee音符






【This is something definitely want to try drinking…】




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Such A Fun Timeeee!! First Time In A While Talking Like This! So Warm!

2017-11-02 02:18:11





Morning Musume。
20th Anniversary!!!


拍手patipati ClapClap拍手



This time


Weekly Playboy-san
are doing a 20th Anniversary feature for us!!!





Ai × Gaki






An Interviewーーー!!!
We got to do oneee!!




Sheesh you know,
we talked and talked!!!



We talked looots, so much


「You 2 talked so much
it was nonstop huh lol」



We were told stuff like that (/ω\*)




From stories from training camp
looking back the whoーーーle time
we talked about all kinds of things.



We ended up talking nonstop



With Aichan
talk is everlasting you know



My comrade in arms



Now, we’re separated but
that time we did things together
10 years


Nothing’s changed.






And today’s interview,
we talked about all kinds of things.



all the staff
have love for us…


It’s been a while since we met but
they remembered us




Things about Morning Musume。
they know lots





I felt lots of love
in this interview.



We you know
love talking on our own
it’s fun


That’s fine but


Doing some kind of set interview


That I’m putting into words from here.


So I can convery it.




I want you to see it for sure.




And, this kind of interviews
getting to do them
it’s because the current Morning Musume。
even now are continuing to stand cool.



Thank you.




Morning Musume。’s 20 years crammed into 1 book.




Please get your hands on it.



11/20 is the Release



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It’s The Journal From A Date From Some Time With My Beloved Little Sis♡ It’s Filled With Cute♡

2017-11-01 21:59:12





The other day…ドキドキ



I had a date with my beloved little sister



The journal from this time φ(..) scribble scribble音符




First off when we metハート




In Harajuku








It was filled with my beloved PINK


It had me flutteringハート




For drinksトロピカルカクテル





We got smoothiesss



This was yummyーーーーーyyy!!!




The food too音符










Bringing my Digicam, there’s lots of pictures📸💕 I took snapshots PashaPasha










This, my little sis Shiratama-san
took this 1 shot for me枚ハート







next time I’ll go get
clothes and accessories too




I decided in my heartバイバイ




There’s still moreー




A preview for next timeeeくるくるハート







【Original One of a kind in the World むらさき音符
accessories being made!!!】








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Happy Provisions♡*゜ These Things Make My Heart… Powan

2017-11-01 21:15:05




Kacchi you know


「In the fridge you know, I have souvenirs so look kay」



Being told that I opened the fridge in the practice hall,



These things were in there 🍀*゜













From the role I did last



This coffeeーーーラブドキドキ




It tastes yummy toooo





it’s warm joy Happypyn恋の矢


Kacchi’s kindness
makes me happy yahラブラブ


Thank youuun♡








A preview for the next entryyyドキドキ





The other day I went on a dat with my little sis so…ドキドキ



I’ll write about it in the next entry kay ✐✎…♡




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