Favorite Shoes..To The Theater

2018-01-09 17:57:19




For the drama this time
It’s a 《Worn, wear, proceed, wear, smashed shoes story》.
Dancer Moriwaki starring 「White Shoes」 Those wearing that are cut out “Taking A Step Forward”


①Quick footed youth・Hayato
②Stripper・Kagura and Honami
③Homeless missing a toe ・Ushigawa
④Certain sisters・Sokono and Tabi





Nakashima-san’s Twitter composition.

I am acting as Sokono.

We wearing shoes,
With what kind of feelings, have we walked?..
Bearing what, have we walked?..

And what is the answer we struggled to?

Worn, wear, proceed, wear, smashed
a story of shoes.

From 1/17 to 1/21
At ShibuGeki
the curtain rises.

By all means

Wearing your favorite shoes

please come to the theater.

We’ll be waiting for you.



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