In Reverse Jetlag Suzuki Kanon

2016-03-02 22:52:56
Theme:Suzuki Kanon


OtsuKanon( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I wore a pink knit sweater口笛






Pink but, I wrote it quite casually lol



I can’t do cute feeling coordinationえーん







Even though we’re into March it’s cold huh T^T



I had forgotten my Snood in Houston…(*_*)



And so today, I went out like this and it was cold えーん



Rehearsals has started out in full force so, basically indoors I’m sweating so it’s hot hot but, it’d be no good if my body gets the chills going outside ショボーン




And you know!



I bought this skirt in Houston too but, I got a matching one for my little sisおねがい



I had bought matching capts that said Texas! too, I want to go hang out with her somewhere with them 照れ



There wasn’t that much time for shopping but, I had gone full power picking out things and rushing to the register, so much I was sweating… since I did it that way, I was able to GET what I wanted♡ lol



Not matter what it is I’ll face it with full power you know! lol









…Giving full power so much shopping but not sweating would be bad even for a 17 year old huh笑い泣き









A picture from the Houston Space Centerー!



With the jetlag there was a time of MAX sleepiness but, it looks fun!!! lol



Being next to this Biiiーーg rocket I look small too爆笑アセアセ



I’m glad I got to go to a fantastic place like this in my lifetime照れ





But already I’m in Japan!



Heading to the spring tour, I’m changing modesウインク



A, I’ll put up pictures now and again kayキラキラ










With that OtsuKanon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



For everyone tomorrow too, I hope you have a fantastic day♪(´ε` )



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[tl note: Nonaka Miki did this post with full translations that are accurate to what she wrote in Japanese, no verification needed. So due to the length and content, rather than repost, I’ll just leave the link to it here]

BakkiBaki. Ikuta Erina

2016-03-02 16:25:07
Theme:Ikuta Erina




Good Afternoonーーー( ˙˘˙ )♡*


It’s Eriponーーー( ˙-˙ )





Pictures from Houston♡♡


and listen …
Once again my iPhone screen has ended up cracked…



I dropped it on the floor at home, I just dropped it one time but BakkiBaki crunch…


Seriously I was so shocked *cry*
Moreover all kinds of data ended up erased too!!



At night around 22:00 Ikuta’s phone…
ended up a disaster.






Just the pictures left were fine!!
I wonder I can’t get them transferred… (´;ω;`)



The other day you know…
  I went out with Ayumin-chan♡♡


We age seafood and shopping and stuff yon!!



For the first time in a while I hung out with Ayumi-chan!!


First off the movies I want to see are out so I wanted to go see them you know!!!!



The live action versions of shoujo manga are increasing so I want to see them all ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧



And I will see them! lol lol



Until the spring tour starts I’ll ban myself from renting movies!!!!





On my phone looking at my selfie pictures, I end up being like the star of Black・Swan lol lol





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I’m Homeー♡

2016-03-02 11:13:07









I’ve been in Houston about 1 week, it was really really fun, and fulfilling♪


Talking with the members a lot, eating meals together, and shopping too♡!!
Caring for the members, being rlied on, I love it. I felt that again!
I love communicating with everyone overseas too, it was a delight~♡♪♪



It’s been a while since I’ve been together with the members like this huh♪♪
Eeryone’s good points, cute points, steady points, I could see lots of it♡ I’ve come to like them even more♪





The live, oh my it wsa the besttt!!!!
They showed everyone a great performance♡!! Their level of expression was high. Especially facial expression. Everyone had such good facial expressions~(*’v’*)♡ The staff and everyone were enamoured♪♪
And in English got fired up, and did their best with their self introductions too!!
Ayumin’s dance was also KireKire clean, it was the best♡!
I felt like other than her dance too, Ayumin’s a dependable senpai huh♡ The members gathering, she properly listens to the staff talking, and tells it to the members… she was reliable!






On the other hand, for me when the members were split in half, I was serving as MC while they were changing but, doing the rounds of interpreting+MC, I once again fully realize how hard that is! My head got all jumbled, chiーーーn. That’s how it felt (-_-)
”Just talking” is completely different (´・_・`) Thinking back on it now there’s lots of points to consider. I’ll do my best (>ε<)ノ
I’m sorry for my poor English~(/_<。)!






For Suzuki it was her last overseas performance but, Suzuki’s popularity was still amazing♡!!
She said she was glad that Mitsui-san came with them♡ I feel the same way *\(^o^)/*♡









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I’ve come home!! Haga Akane

2016-03-01 22:52:36
Theme:Haga Akane


Konban OyakiーEmoji




I’ve returned from Houstonー!!






Mammoth~~~EmojiEmoji(That’s close to “I’m Home”)






Japan and Houston
are 15 hours apartEmoji





Jetlag…is a little…harsh…Emoji lol







But more than that,
the concert, signing meet, Houston sightseeing? all the stuff like that was reaaaally fun!!







It was my first time doing a concert overseas but




at the start of each and ever song






you all said it and,










you all called my name




It felt like America is just warm people you knowEmojiEmoji







Moreover, people passingby mostly were like


“Hello!!” and



“How are you?” they talked with us,






Akane’s communication power


I feel Guiーーn it’s gone upEmojiEmoji






At this first live in a while
we wore outfits we wore during the sprint tour’s ~GRADATION~ ~Emoji






A, tha’ts right!!!!!



Speaking of Houston……






Houston Space Center!!! That’s it right!? lol







Akane and everyoen went there too!!Emoji









It’s amazing huh!!


A real size rocket and like
the engine inside of that rocket!





They had it there!!!!!




It was impressive!!!!!!!!



I want to go to space!!!!!!!!!!







This too they had one put there but



Doesn’t it look like a timer teapot?Emoji




It looks like it right!?





Asking Kisora-chan (Niinuma Kisora-chan),


She told me, “I get it!!!!”EmojiEmoji






Saying 「A teapot in a clock」


Musubu (Funaki Musubu) gets it too! She told meEmoji







Of course~EmojiEmoji





Space Center, it was really fun!







I want to go again!


To the Space Center too,




Houston too!!!!!!!!






These 4 nights 6 days,
I got to experience something I haven’t up to now


It was really fun!!!




Well then, Oyanechin (-_-) zzz


EmojiHaga AkaneEmoji







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Treasure of a Lifetime Iikubo Haruna

2016-03-01 22:54:30
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







I’m home Japan!






We’ve returned home to today~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))



3 days of Houston, we really had the best time.



I had 1 day shorter than everyone else but, even then this time getting to go Houston is the treasure of a lifetimeおねがい



Getting to meet all the fans who were waiting for us overseas


Getting to take part in beloved anime work


And sightseeing, we got to go to the Houston Space Center too!!








It’s not an A pose, it’s a rocket pose.




Houston Space Center, currently they’re researching for space things there too.



We didn’t just get to know about actual rockets, engines, and the inner structure


we got to play around with attractions and games tooキラキラ



There was time to buy souvenirs too soピンクハート


For myself I bought a curiosity(キュリオシティ) 3D puzzleラブラブラブ


I think starting the spring tour things will settle down so I think I should get it set up(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))



Getting to go here really makes me happy!


In order to up excitement more before coming here I saw Odyssey [tl aka: The Martian ]~!!


Odyssey, my dreams full on expanded!


Mars, arbitrarily I’ve ended up carrying an affinity to it!



Thank you, boy from when I was in elementary shcool who gave me the nickname martian! lol


Thanks to you I had an interest in space!←







I have lots more memories so, little by little I’ll be writing about it on the blog!





Thank you Houston!








The angel sharing rooms with me, Kuduーニヤリ












Maybe her left eye was aching a little? ( ^ω^ ) lol





Fashion Coordinate App


キラキラWEAR キラキラ












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I’m Home〜! Oda Sakura

2016-03-01 21:48:45
Theme:Oda Sakura





Good Evening~!
I’m Oda SakuraEmoji


I’ve returned to Japan from Houston~


Houston was funーEmojiEmoji



Going anywhere they were cheerful and lots of conversation
Passing by people they immediately greet you!



The warm feeling, I felt like I even in Japan I want to warmly greet people like thisーEmoji



The events too they really were all funEmoji


I want to go again!
I want to be invited to this event againEmoji



ANIME MATSURI is the bestーーーEmojiEmoji



In Houston we did a LIVE, with all kinds of feelings, again
in Japan too, I want to do a LIVE soonー, that’s how I feltEmoji




At Houston Space StationEmoji





Well well (=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again☆★☆







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I’m Home☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2016-03-01 22:00:26
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


I’ve returned to Japanーーー!


I’m homeーーーーーヽ(´ー`)ノEmoji
Other than Anime Matsuri’s events for 3 days, on the day we arrived we went walking and to a park, then with everyone to the amusement park, and on the 4th day we got to go along to Huston’s Space CenterEmoji


My phone’s ’16 album, has increased more than 200 pictures with just HoustonEmojiEmoji



The time difference was 15 hours, it was hard but, on the plane home I slept soundly so from tomorrow I’ll be able to do my best with energy too!



Everyone in Houston
was very friendly, kind, and warmEmoji
Like I said in the LIVE I’ll do my best so we can go again




Aaaヽ(*´□`*)ノ I’m looking forward to the spring tour too~音譜 from 3/12 it STARTsー!


Houston seems like fun~♪ and
I wanted to go you know~っ everyone who thought thatー
By all means please come to any of the venues for the spring tour kayー!!






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『LOVErin Time♪*゚』 Makino Maria

2016-03-01 21:21:18
Theme:Makino Maria



Everyone how are you doing?


I’m homeEmojiEmoji


Makino Maria, has returned to JapanEmoji


Just a little bit lonelyEmoji
I wanted to stay more



Pictures, I go my fill of them!




It’s a let’s make a photobook styleEmoji





Houston was really very funEmoji


During yesterday’s dinner,
as a surprise we celebrated birthdaysEmojiEmoji
We got sung the Happy Birthday song too・・・. Maria was very happyEmoji
Thank you so much!


I got Boo (a puppy)
dessed like a cowboy, BooEmoji
From Maria’s bag it’s face came out a little, we came home togetherEmoji




I want to go again


I totally want to go!









Thank you so muchEmoji








EmojiEmojiSecret Maria-chanEmojiEmoji


After chibi Maria’s time going on an oversea’s trip, Mama told me something.


Knowing overseas things is important but you know,
Japanese things, you have to
properly know lots of it!


That conversation, I ended up remembering itEmoji










I saw a little of, GAORA SPORTS live broadcastEmoji



The throwing pitcher
Player Chris・Martin ♯55


I heard he’s from Texas, it surprised me!!
Surprised! A link to Texas
Happiness EmojiEmoji







And there was Player Takahashi Shinji’s retirement ceremony!


The player Takahashi Shinji, I’ve known of him since I was chibi Maria. I could sing their cheer song tooEmoji
I got a picture taken togetherEmoji
Getting to see him in the Fighter’s uniform again makes me happyEmoji









Have a lovely timeEmojiEmoji








I’m switching to spring tour modeEmoji


Tomorrow will also have happy things and fun things, it should be full of them right?Emoji


音譜Makino Maria音譜






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Coming Home Souvenirs! Ishida Ayumi

2016-03-01 21:04:03
Theme:Ishida Ayumi




It’s Ishida Ayumi





I’m homeー!!



We’ve safely returned to Japan地球キラキラ


The approximately 14 hour flight
Just sitting there my butt hurts 雷 lol




But, as much as that was harsh,


In Houston,
we got to have lots of fantastic memoriesハーチョ



I also am filled up on pictures so
little by little I’ll put them up on the blog andキラキラ


I’ll put them up on tomorrow’s ToSpo serializationキラキラ


By all means please check it out



Today’s picture is,



Houston’s first day
when we went to the amusement park地球バレエくりすます



There were lots of attractions,


The scream ride levels all were high


Flying high and like,
speed too, it wasn’t the usual!




While riding I,


was like this




With Satou Masaki-chan, the 2 of us



frantically pointing out anything!


right before riding though,
with the scariness and the cold I was shakingあんぐり汗



Saying what could be that scary,



deciding on what we should ride after this,





「The reverse bungee」


Let’s go on that











Can you tell?!
The height and the force!


Flying so muchーーー((((;゜Д゜)))



Moreover this here attraction,
the time riding it is strangely long時計雷



Sheesh it should be over now……


even thinking htat
it wouldn’t really end汗



The spirit of good service? Even to that extent……



Going past 「So scary I can’t laugh」,


In mid air I couldn’t stop laughing



I like screaming, it was fun but,
this is enough already, one time was satisfyinggood lol




But I,


I said 「I want to bungee jump」,
since last year that’s been one of my goals soキラキラ



I felt I achieved it, in Houston笑顔ハーチョ


In Houston, a dream came true笑顔ハーチョ



Don’t mind it was in reverse←




…This blog ended up being just memories汗
For reading it, thank you so much



See you ayuminハーチョ


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