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2016-03-02 11:13:07









I’ve been in Houston about 1 week, it was really really fun, and fulfilling♪


Talking with the members a lot, eating meals together, and shopping too♡!!
Caring for the members, being rlied on, I love it. I felt that again!
I love communicating with everyone overseas too, it was a delight~♡♪♪



It’s been a while since I’ve been together with the members like this huh♪♪
Eeryone’s good points, cute points, steady points, I could see lots of it♡ I’ve come to like them even more♪





The live, oh my it wsa the besttt!!!!
They showed everyone a great performance♡!! Their level of expression was high. Especially facial expression. Everyone had such good facial expressions~(*’v’*)♡ The staff and everyone were enamoured♪♪
And in English got fired up, and did their best with their self introductions too!!
Ayumin’s dance was also KireKire clean, it was the best♡!
I felt like other than her dance too, Ayumin’s a dependable senpai huh♡ The members gathering, she properly listens to the staff talking, and tells it to the members… she was reliable!






On the other hand, for me when the members were split in half, I was serving as MC while they were changing but, doing the rounds of interpreting+MC, I once again fully realize how hard that is! My head got all jumbled, chiーーーn. That’s how it felt (-_-)
”Just talking” is completely different (´・_・`) Thinking back on it now there’s lots of points to consider. I’ll do my best (>ε<)ノ
I’m sorry for my poor English~(/_<。)!






For Suzuki it was her last overseas performance but, Suzuki’s popularity was still amazing♡!!
She said she was glad that Mitsui-san came with them♡ I feel the same way *\(^o^)/*♡









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