Post-er’s Dilemma

Hey Everyone,

Okay here’s the thing, today’s ReinaGrad (which I will be honest is totally not as heart wrenching for me as GakiGrad/AikaGrad and not as heart shattering as the future SayuGrad will be), it is a big day and I am not as far enough along as I would like.

While I’ve eliminated a lot of the problem with copying, editing, and posting, my wrists, fingers, eyes, and brain cannot process fast enough to catch up in the speed I would like. To the point that right now I may have gotten 67 posts up. an almighty 339 Sayu posts before I’m caught up to this moment.

If today weren’t ReinaGrad I wouldn’t hesitate to say that patience will work, but at the same time, I feel an importance to expressing the feelings of Sayu now at this great event.

So here’s the deal, I’ll be open here for comments, if you object to this idea that I will temporarily jump to today when Sayu posts about the graduation and until she stops talking about it or until I catch up. Hopefully this way I can be useful in the present rather than trying to fulfill this obligatory archive of the past.

Sound good?


We’re Coming Back!

Nantonaku-Translations is rolling back into action!

And we’re going to be new and improved you see!
Thanks to some obsessive work on my part I’ve been able to advance the automated portion of the translation work. This means I can now focus more on the translation part, and worry less about properly converting all the emoji (which you’ll probably notice that ALL of them are being included), posting things in the right order, posting one thing at a time, etc.

Now this is still a “work in progress” that is that it’s all done by me, so there’s bound to be little snags here and there. You might have noticed that if you’re using an RSS feed reader the update to the status section on the frontpage says I updated at 3:42am my time (as of this news), while your feedreaders probably said I did it 5 hours earlier. That’s something I forgot to compensate for and probably will in the future (well it’ll still be maybe 1-2 hours behind, but it’s so I can post up a lot at once).

Still, it’s a much faster process, as I was able to translate and post all those entries in a couple of hours since locking the system down.

I don’t want to be to optimistic but barring translation fatigue and other life issues, this makes catching up a much more possible chance even though I have over 400 Sayu entries alone to cover. Fear not Gaki Blog readers, the system works for her blogs too, so I should be able to catch up there as well.

Now this is getting long but for anyone who is really interested in reading all the old blogs, please keep an eye out for anything unusual. If so please let me know as I can make adjustments to the system for future use (I probably won’t be able to correct everything in these old ones without it taking awhile and so that will be last priority). Still I’m glad to be back and hope you guys are still here!


Just An (Unfortunate) Update

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been updating, it is sad dark times for translations. While I’ve been able to keep up archiving and reading the blogs for myself, translating has been taken aside due to my heavy course work. When I’m not working on projects or work, I’m sleeping/eating or trying not to blow up my brain by playing mindless games like Dr. Mario or Theathrythmn so I can turn my brain off to recharge.

That said, I’m updating so everyone has an ETA on when I’ll be back with my upcoming (and not coming soon enough) off time to work on things.

I will be back by Mid-May (just in time for Reina’s graduation T_T) if I survive the onslaught that is…

I am planning to try to do some upgrades to how I do things which will hopefully make the experience faster and easier to do so that I won’t have as much problem falling behind again. Look forward to more news soon along with calls for suggestions and feedback from you guys!


Nantonaku Happy New Years!

About 26 Hours late by my time but Happy New Years Everyone! Hopefully everyone got through okay!

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback about the new look, it’s a couple of days and no one’s reported anything broken, nor have I noticed any problems, so we’re in the clear on that I think.

Now I do have a favor to ask of you. With all the hectic-ness going on, I’m not sure everyone’s up to date about our move, so if you notice somewhere in your communities that previously linked back to us but doesn’t anymore, please spread the word ^^; I don’t want to be vain, but maintaining the up-to-date status of the blog translations is one of our advantages, and if people don’t know we exist, the advantage is lost.

As for the frontpage, unless something strikes me as brilliant, I think we’ll leave it as it is for now. Though it’s more difficult to tell why a reader is here, it’s really convenient for readers.

Please continue to support Nantonaku however you feel you can, maybe someday we’ll actually get some subbing projects done ~_~;

And visit our friendly links, including, who was nice enough to let us hang around ^^;.

To another interesting year, cheers!

New Look, New Features, Feedback Wanted

Hey Everyone, Welcome to Nantonaku Official Look 2.0!
Using stylistic ideas from H!P idol blogs and crafting it together, we’ve got a more streamlined site, hopefully that everyone will enjoy.

But I want to hear from everyone, what do you all think? Good, bad, things you might want changed to make it easier, anything you have in mind!

New functionality has now been added to this version for your convenience as well! They’ve been added in just recently after the change, so you might not be able to tell, but we will see how useful it is for everyone.

I’m also thinking of what to do for the front page from here. I still would like to have some kind of update page up front but with the size of the display and how cluttered it looked before, I wonder what you would want from the front page.

So yah comments!


It’s a Christmas MIRACLE

I’m now caught up with both Niigaki Risa’s Blog translations and Michishige Sayumi’s blog translations. lol


Everyone enjoy~


Of course “tomorrow” (as in later today) I’ll be behind again as it’s Christmas Eve in the land where palm trees sway. But for now, woohoo roll that Final Fantasy victory theme…actually no let’s go with Chrono Cross it’s more appropriate given the situation!


Now comes looking at redesigns or possible improvements.

What’s to Come!

I hope everyone’s found their way back from our move from our old URL to the new one. It was unfortunate that the servers last day corresponded with some RL events *cough* Finals Week *cough* that made the transition a little bumpy, but I’m glad to see we came out of it mostly unscathed.


We’re currently working hard to catch up with Sayu’s Blog as well as keep Gaki’s Blog up to date so that you can once again rely on Nantonaku as your source for knowing what Sayumi and Gakisan are writing about. In addition we”re currently thinking of ways we can rearrange the site to be more convenient for you the reader and more efficient for me. Since we’re changing things around I thought we might want to change over the layout a little too, paying homage to Gree is fun and all, but maybe we can try something a little different. And it would be nice to make the frontpage look less cluttered.


In any case that is the focus for now, as the holiday season also means real life is gonna be active as well. I hope everyone take the time to enjoy the Holiday season, like Sayu does. Sometimes it’s not about the presents,  or even the day itself, it’s about enjoying the atmosphere.


Sleeping for now,



Sorry for the late update,


Just to let everyone know. It’s now finals and I’m working on a final project for real life so this unfortunately is getting stalled. In addition we’re preparing for the move from this domain to the new one. So when I get back to it  hopefully that will be ready for you guys ^^; sorry for the delay

UPDATE: The server’s end date is fast approaching and I’m trying hard to get everything in order, IF things aren’t ready in time, we’re moving to (currently says Not ready yet). We’re trying to get all the images to move over okay ^^; sorry for the problems, we’re working as quickly as our will and mentality permits.
Frantically Reading,

UPDATE2: We’re working on a lot of things! Sorry it’s gonna take awhile for it to come to term but stick with us! Thank you!

Eyes Burning (jokingly),

Things are Changing Soon

Hello Everyone,


Thank you all once again for coming to Nantonaku for your Sayu/Gaki blog translations. We’re always grateful that our hobby can turn into your source for information.


At the same time I have to admit that I have not been doing nearly enough as much as I wanted to with the site. It’s a funny thing to reflect on as I’ll be constantly switching between I (Invis) and we (Nantonaku) as I talk about this, because well, I have to admit I’m virtually all that’s left of Nantonaku. It was a big dream to want to expand Nantonaku beyond it’s original limits, when I had a team and real life was not as big as it is now. I wanted to be able to provide people with more than just blog translations, to try to regain some of the subbing people would enjoy seeing, teach new people how to do what I knew (and is by now probably partially outdated), and to do some of the other features that I had tried playing around with in the past.


Granted, I have happily been a part of the Takamaruyo experience, providing feedback to them and participating in what little way I can as part of the Konya mo TKMR casts, but even then I am merely pulling my way through. As a result I cannot comfortably say that I, or Nantonaku are expanding much through this time on our own.


“So, what does this mean?” you might ask… well, it means we need to rethink our gameplan going forward.  You see, is actually using the same webspace that Hyakupa once had, and its time is almost up. You could say we were making use of the open space while Hyakupa was evolving into Takamaruyo, and for giving me the space, I am really thankful to them. But with time running down I was presented with the option of purchasing the name and the space myself, taking over the “renting” of the server space and domain name. Based on my own thoughts on how we’re going, I had to turn down the offer unfortunately; I am not made of money, and I don’t believe myself to be giving you enough content to ask for anything from you other than your loyalty as readers.


So what happens? Well Takamaruyo is once again a great help in the matter, we will eventually be moving back into their household, though unlike last time we’ll be in the poolhouse on the side rather than sharing the same common room. To cut the analogy down, we’re going to be getting a subdomain (as in soon and we’ll be transferring activity there so that when this dies, you won’t lose anything.


We’ll be doing our best to make sure that the translations available so far will be maintained (though like our initial move here, pictures may disappear), and that if you are registered here you’ll be able to keep your account. Until then please continue to enjoy things here, look forward to the move, and be prepared to update your favorites/links accordingly.


Does this change anything? Besides the links it shouldn’t do much, I can still expand from there until I’m ready to try out things on my own for real, or I could just maintain what I’m doing now, but in either case I wanted you guys to know what was going on on our end.


No worries, I’m not graduating yet =P,


(Update II)The Big Slowdown ><

(Update 2) We’re now back on track, thank you all for your patience in the matter!

(Update) Sayu Blogs are now up to date as of this update. 38 Entries new if you’re only seeing the latest 20 from RSS, look forward to 15 Risa’s (if not more because of further posting) hopefully within another 24 hours.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, whether you celebrate it or not!

My sincerest apologies everyone,

The updates have gotten delayed due to a combination of my school projects reaching near their conculsion and the processing of the announcement of Reina’s graduation (which you can read the translation of on *wink wink*)

I am currently trying to catch up, and have a stack translated, but for the ease of posting I am preparing them all at once, you should be getting them within 24 hours of this post.

I just hope I haven’t lost any readers… there’s more news coming but I’ll wait till I’m back up to date to talk to everyone about it, I’d like everyone to know what’s going on here at Nantonaku~

Thank you for our patience (or if you don’t have patience, please do me the favor of granting me just a bit more)


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