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SayuBadge6Latest Michishige Sayumi Blog Translation:
2020-08-22 08:05 Japan Time

On Hiatus/Retired:
Niigaki Risa: 2018-01-25 20:47 Japan Time
Mitsui Aika: 2018-12-16 23:46 Japan Time
Latest Fukuchan Blog Translations:
2019-04-21 21:59 Japan Time

Latest Harunan Blog Translation:
2019-04-09 11:34 Japan Time

Always Disclaimer

If there’s ever a name that isn’t something standardized there is a chance I got it wrong due to the nature of kanji and readings, I state it every so often but now there’s constant reminder here ^^;

It felt like time for a clean slate here ^^;

Updated: 2020-08-21 21:02 Hawaii Time

[Nantonaku News] The GakiBlog Hiatus

Hello anyone reading this,

Invis here, current main translator for the Nantonaku Translations division, translating technically 5 different UF blogs (Gaki, Sayu, Aika, Fuku, Honey). But as of late things have gotten harder to juggle and so a change had to be made.

tl:dr Gaki blog fan-translations will be going on hiatus as I figure out what to do with things. We’ll be trying something new soon. For details See below (or click the article if you’re on the front page)
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FALL 2017 Polling Readers!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten to ask you, the readers of this blog-translation site some of the important hard hitting questions I struggle with sometimes in terms of comfort vs optimization vs reader enjoyment. This means it’s time for another POLL!

[Please continue on to take the poll for us!]
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Another Friendly Link Get! X2!

So I jumped onto a bunch of blog translations for Houston and in doing so I found that there’s other blog translators out there.

I don’t tend to want to step on other people’s toes when translating, but it’s also an opportunity for two or so people to not only check on each others translations and reach a level of balanced accuracy by cross referencing each other for accuracy.

But since this is only temporary, I wanted help out people!

Nozofan on H!O is an up and coming translator trying to help Zukki fans get the most they can before Zukki graduates. After talking with Nozofan, I’ve been given the go to add a friendly link on the right hand side of Nantonaku to Nozofan’s tumblr for Zukki blog translations.

When Houston is over you can still go there and keep up with Zukki as long as possible!


Nyaruki on H!O has been doing work with Ikuta blog translations as well! And let me tell you Ikuta leans on her dialect so you gotta work hard to get that going well. Since I’ve only done a couple of Ikuta entries if you need your Ikuta fix why not check Nyaruki’s translations out!

friendly link get X2!

P.S. This by no means is me siding to one side, merely that these people were actively translating in the places I post and do a presentable job, I know there are other unofficial blog translations out there and I hope we can all get along and continue working hard for the people we love to translate!

[Site News] Nantonaku Through 2015

Konban pon? lol


I’ve thought about whether I would write a post for the end of the year.


Usually I’d do a Nanto Poll for winter asking the questions I usually ask about where you come from and why you come to me, and what versions of translations you prefer, but chances are very little has changed since the summer poll, and the last thing I want to do is bother my dedicated reader asking the same things.


But to start I’d like to give you all some stats.


Since SayuGrad in Nov. 2014 There have been:
Upward of 340 Fukuchan posts
Upward of 320 Harunan posts
Upward of 240 Aika posts*
Upward of 540 Gaki posts
[*note: This includes entries I posted that didn’t need translations but were included for indexing her posts]


That is a lot of post to be in a little over a year.
Part off me sees it as a sign of pride that we’ve… that I’ve done so much in such a time.
Without fully counting, Fukuchan and Harunan together did more posts together than I translated of Sayu blogs in her last year.


At the same time we haven’t grown much this year.
Without the blessing of Sayu on my back, I can’t help but feel more than ever that I’m talking into the digital ether of nothingness and only hearing my echo. I know that’s not true, I’ve seen the replies from drops I’ve left on H!O, and I get the occasional thanks so I know it’s not so, but that feeling still exists.


For those of you reading, you have all my appreciation.
I’ve said I do this for myself, and in part that is true.
But, putting it up, trying to make it presentable, that is for everyone.
So for even taking the moment to read this, I thank you for at least attempting to hear me, and not just what Fukuchan, Honey, Aika, or Gaki have to say.


It hasn’t been the best year for me. As I try to find what I need to do and what I want to do in my life other than Idol culture, I am coming to grips with what I want to do with Idol culture as well.


So, where do we go from here? As 2015 comes to a close, what will 2016 hold?


Morning Musume。 continues to evolve and change. And once again an opportunity has arisen for people to show their spirit. And here I am without the means to do that myself. I take to you all with your spirit, wanting to be like the people who get to be the best wota they can be all time, to take that opportunity if you can and make it shine. Even when the benefits looks bleek, when you’re not getting the SSS-rank rewards, if you want to show your stuff that you do it.


I will be here, for myself, for Honey, for Fukuhime, for Aikachan, for Gakisan, for the wish and dream of Sayu, and for you if you want me to be here.


I make no promises, I cannot say if things will be better. I can’t say I will be able to do more. All I can say is I’ll do what comes naturally to the atmosphere. And if you’d like to be there, then I will be there too.


If 2014 was the end of an era for me, then 2015 was a journey through the fog. And so I hope that 2016 will be the age of discovery!




P.S. Talking to me is usually rather welcome! It’s nice to know I’m not talking to myself :P

[Site News] New Friendly Link

Friendly link established! Mayuppe has been doing amazing work here at Nantonaku but also started doing work outside with a friend. After talking with her about it, she agreed to let me link to her tumblr where they post as a way to give her more chances for people to follow her work.

Currently her and her friend (as Rose Prism Translations) have awesome translations from Airi’s book Q&A. Check them out too using the friendly link banner over on the side of our page!