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While we are also saying goodbye to the energetic character Meimei and the genki smile Zukki in the idol world, there is also a respected stepping out for another site for the overseas community.

Jicchan.com, run by Turbos86 in an attempt to reach out as a medium between Overseas enthusiasm and Japanese tradition and procedure has lapsed it’s domain time and has decided not to continue on.

It’s understandable that in our community where not everyone will agree with your approach, or state much how grateful they are to your work, that it is hard to find the wear with all and security to spend money to maintain a site.

Jicchan tried hard to balance giving you word from inside the Japanese community, and provide you with guides and lessons about the way that the Japanese fandom does things and how you could take part in that. Through it’s small times branching off from Takamaruyo, it was a site with good material and the ideal that by showing you some of the ways the fandom in Japan does things, that you could also join in and help create a large group together.

Though the site in it’s original form is no longer available, the archive on wordpress is available and will continued to be linked here.

And even though times are changing and some of those guides are not as valid as they were, it stands as an example of how things were, and the effort of on person to try to help out the community on his own.

From myself here at Nantonaku Translations, we salute and appreciate all the efforts Turbos has made so far and support his progress from here on, whether in the idolsphere or outside of it.

Solidarity to the community,

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  1. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..” But mostly it was the informative and fun times for many fans. Many thanks Turbos.

    As always, keep up the great work Invis to the bitter end. Moving on and doing different things are perfectly understandable.

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