Another Friendly Link Get! X2!

So I jumped onto a bunch of blog translations for Houston and in doing so I found that there’s other blog translators out there.

I don’t tend to want to step on other people’s toes when translating, but it’s also an opportunity for two or so people to not only check on each others translations and reach a level of balanced accuracy by cross referencing each other for accuracy.

But since this is only temporary, I wanted help out people!

Nozofan on H!O is an up and coming translator trying to help Zukki fans get the most they can before Zukki graduates. After talking with Nozofan, I’ve been given the go to add a friendly link on the right hand side of Nantonaku to Nozofan’s tumblr for Zukki blog translations.

When Houston is over you can still go there and keep up with Zukki as long as possible!


Nyaruki on H!O has been doing work with Ikuta blog translations as well! And let me tell you Ikuta leans on her dialect so you gotta work hard to get that going well. Since I’ve only done a couple of Ikuta entries if you need your Ikuta fix why not check Nyaruki’s translations out!

friendly link get X2!

P.S. This by no means is me siding to one side, merely that these people were actively translating in the places I post and do a presentable job, I know there are other unofficial blog translations out there and I hope we can all get along and continue working hard for the people we love to translate!

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