[Nantonaku] The State of “Whatever”

Invis here,

It has been a while since I’ve made a post that wasn’t just a translation. And with the increase in Sayu blogging again, now is as good a time as any to address the way things are right now.

As it currently stands I translate well over 25 blog entries on average a week, of various lengths from either Michishige Sayumi, Niigaki Risa, Iikubo Haruna, Fukumura Mizuki, or Mitsui Aika. While Aika blogs are rare, Gaki blogs multiple times in a day, and the resulting combination of variable amounts of entries a day and those entries being variable lengths can do a lot for how things are run here.

We’ve recently had several shake ups in the promptness of my translations, which I pride on doing in a timely manner while they still matter to you, the reader. Real life is hard, and without going into details it stands to reason that I need to find a form of profit so I can survive. For that reason I have to put that in front of doing this service for you and I apologize for that inconvenience.

That said, this problem will be off and on for the foreseeable future. I appreciate the appreciation you give to me and this cause of bringing things to you, but I can’t live on that alone, and I hope you all are able to understand that.

As it stands I have no intention of stopping anytime soon though. If times get tough I may chose to not translate certain blog posts unless there is a cry out for them, or may have a vote off of who might not be translated as much (though I’m gonna be honest I think I know who that is).

That said, hang on and we’ll try to do what we can.
I’ve included the new section from “About Us” here explaining why I “fan-translate” in the style I do.

As with most “news” for the site, feel free to ask if you have questions, either in the comments here or on twitter.


About Nantonaku Blog-Translations
“That isn’t exactly right!”
“That doesn’t sound natural!”
“Who actually says PikaPika anyway?”

It occurs to me that translation is not perfect, that localization and interpretation are the stronger, more common goals of a translation site. Nantonaku Blog Translations currently is not that. As a site for people flooded constantly by Japanese language and culture, Nantonaku currently desires to provide a viable location for understanding and growth in a speedy response time. It is our understanding that not everything will sound natural, and sometimes there will be error. Regardless of that, we hope that readers of this site can not only use it to understand the Idol’s whose blogs are we translating, but that we provide a medium level between English and Japanese so you understand not only what is said, but how it is said in Japanese.

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