[LDK] Ai Takahashi – Jishin Motto (Now on Youtube!)

Morning Musume’s Takahashi Ai in her Graduation Commemoration song PV


with Karaoke and subtitles, stylized for your enjoyment.


As with the last project, it’s currently available at the Hello!Online tracker, and will not be provided her currently due to any risk of anything. Seems like a good watch if you like Aichan and Karaoke PVs (which I don’t know how big that audience is)



Looks like it’s on Youtube now ^_- *

Takamaru Yo Event: Turbos86 on a Journey!

Since I’ve taken reverted the welcome page to the latest news page temporarily (to put the past behind us) people often forget where this started from!


Our good friends at Takamaruyo.net have been a great support for nantonaku, and it’s our turn to give back.


Konya mo TKMR podcast host and Takamaruyo blogger/writer Turbo86, the one you see basically everywhere at least once in H!P fandom, is currently on a trip to Japan, as is Takamaruyo member and constant Konya mo TKMR podcast participant Oroboras. Both of them are offering a little insight into the journey of an H!P fan in Japan in their own ways and can currently be found at Takamaruyo.net


In fact coming up soon after this post goes up, Turbos86 will give you some inside report on the Alo-hello photobook handshake Sayumi just blogged about so look forward to that!


As always we thank Takamaruyo for their continued support in our existence.



Make sure to check in with their website, Takamaruyo.net, to see Turbos and Orobora’s journey in the land of the rising sun or to check out their many different translation/summaries, reviews, random features, as well as their podcast Konya mo TKMR, where they (including myself from time to time) talk about current H!P news and events.

[N!N] Sayashi Riho – Greeting

N!N fansubs has released it’s 35th video.

Sayashi Riho’s DVD has been subtitled by the Nantonaku Fansubs and Collaboration. It is currently available at Hello!Online, and for now, will not be provided here (as we’d rather not cause any kind of problem which may result in losing anything again). By all means go off on your own and check it out.

Pilot Experiment 2 – Subbing Sorts

So it’s only been a day but I couldn’t help but want to test out another idea. This time it’s Subbing Sorts, a small comic type output that makes jokable content about the subbing experience. This one is a bit less connectable if you’ve never subbed before, but it might make you chuckle if you’ve meet someone like what is depicted there.


Once again I have to disclaimer that the output is not something everyone falls under, but rather an example set about from personal experiences of myself and those who are willing to share. It’s far less wordy than the SSD pilot yesterday, so it’s an option if you guys think SSD is too long winded.


If this pilot takes off, things covered would be comical moments in subbing, or little issues which can be made comical through illustration. Also if enough attention is obtained I’m sure we can put more effort in visual quality, but for a pilot low detail vectors will have to be good enough.



Pilot Experiment – Features!

Nantonaku is trying out a new idea!


With our friends at takamaruyo moving ahead with interesting articles, it felt like Nantonaku needed to try to bring forward a bit more content as well, since the other divisions other than Sayu’s blog have been low on time or content.


So we bring you features! Every once and awhile someone (for now most likely me) will be bringing you an idea that relates to Nantonaku translations for you to read and possible give feedback on.


Konkai wa~ (that is to say, this time!) it’s Subbing Side Down, a potential serial on a subbers perspective to what they do. The first article talks about a general breakdown of classifications of subs and their potential benefits and detriments. To not name names, no examples are provided, but it might give you an idea about what your favorite subs may fall under. If SSD is popular or plans work in it’s favor, other articles may include describing the different positions a fansub team has, the problems they may face, and some pet peeves some sub teams have with when doing or seeing subbed videos, and issues with how subs are done.


If you find that interesting go ahead and leave come comments in the article, and if you have some suggestions for features (that is features, not other things for me to translate!) you can leave them in the comments for this post!

And So They Return!

For those of you who have come here from the old Hyakupa site, you already heard the news, but for those of you coming to visit from H!O, from Gekiyasui/Kai_guy’s translations (http://gekiyasui.blogspot.com/), or from…somewhere else I don’t know about, then this will be good news for you guys.

Hyakupa fansubs (http://hyakupa.net/), my friends and former hosts of the Sayu blog have decided that they don’t really like getting burned for providing people with content and have closed their subbing doors (maybe possibly forever).

But hope is not lost, Hyakupa doors may have closed but from it we can welcome Takamaruyo, http://www.takamaruyo.net/, a site designed to go where Hyakupa was preparing to go, expanding what information to cover and how you get that information. I will also be occasionally providing my input there as a way to go beyond just translating and trying to give you guys some heads up on things that get released and things that you may have seen or heard. So if you are a fan of more than just Sayu’s blog (and her kind but unofficial translator), check it out.

At this time I would like to tip my hands off to Hyakupa subs for all the work they had done in the past. While you guys may have your own opinions on the matter (and I’m not trying to start an argument), Hyakupa fansubs was one of the most balanced subs groups I have seen in terms of speed and quality. Quality is a finicky thing in this day and age, since speed is often the victor in the war for understanding, especially in the Idol world, but I have seen far worse from groups that have had far more “Quality Control” specialists under their belt (but defining Quality Control might be another article in it’s entirety) and encodes were balanced in size and quality (also another discussion for another day). So my hats off to all content they had provided in subs, in 2stars, and with their future path.

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