Konya mo usa-chan peace ♪

I’m recording my radio show right now ☆
CBC’s “Konya mo usa-chan peace”
is the name of the show that I do by myself ♪~θ(^0^ )


It’s amazing I’m getting so many mails to the radio show
giving me feedback and praise about my blog (≧∇≦)


You guys are really something ↑


It’s remarkable ↑


Pretty slick you guys ↑↑↑↑


Ever since I started my blog, I’ve gotten so many emails from
new fans, I’m so happy (*^o^*)




makes me so happy O(≧∇≦)o♪

It's over PON!

Omoikkiri PON!


Is over ☆


When the three of us were supposed to do a “PON!” pose
this pose here immediately came to mind (^_^;)


I suppose it is a very idol-ish pose after all ♪
Today is an all-out idol day I guess (≧∇≦)


Next up today for me, I’ll be doing a radio show ♪♪


Lately I’ve been only using my blogging fingers,
and haven’t really talked much
I’m a little worried about being able to speak properly ( ̄○ ̄;)


Since I’ve started my blog


this week has gone by so fast ☆♪★♪☆


I was a skilled speaker before, but now I’m also a skilled typer ↑


PON right now!

Since this morning


I have been eating cheese cake
and baumkuchen rusk that Eri brought ♪


Both were reaaally delicious…
but when I think about it, I’ve been eating nothing but sweets (>_<)


Since I’ve been eating so many sweets today,
the color representation of my body is a cute pink ♪


Pure idol (≧∇≦)


But actually I was shooting for green,
so I drank a lot of veggie juices o(^-^)o


But I guess that would make me end up in a brown-ish color…


Kinda different from the idol image I have in my mind…


Right now it’s 10:25~


I’ll be appearing on Omoikkiri PON! the show!

Idol ♪

Good morning ☆♪


Are you guys awake yet??


Well if you woke up just now, you probably wouldn’t go straight to this blog (lol)


So for that question, I already know the answer
You don’t need to reply to that in the comments (lol)


But I am very grateful to have your comments, so please please leave one O(≧∇≦)o


Thank you so much for always leaving so many comments ♪
Please continue to support me on this blog and magazines and
tv shows and my hair styles and my face and my clothes and
during concerts and during events and on songs and
on singing and dancing… and my thoughts and my aspirations and
thanks for any advice or pointers on how I can improve myself!!


And everyone, please continue to listen to what I have to say (^_-)♪


But seriously, for that “Are you awake?” question earlier, don’t respond to it (lol)


Because it’ll be full of like


“Yeah I’m awake ー(^O^)”


and “Since I’m commenting… obviously yes I’m awake, are you ok? (¬з¬)”


Blogging has kinda become a morning thing I do though m(_ _)m


Anyway ummm, as an active Morning Musume member


I have an idol side as well! ♪


For today’s breakfast
I had the cheesecake that Kamei Eri-chan brought yesterday ☆
Eri hand made it ♪☆
Amazing (^O^)
It’s delicious (^O^)


Also many thanks to her for letting me borrow a CD ♪


When she gave it to me, I just threw it in my bag
and it kinda squished the cake (>_<)


Eri’s cheese cake is excellent though (o^∀^o)


Eating cheese cake in the morning is such an idol-ish thing to do isn’t it ♪


Alright ♪
Today I, Michishige Sayumi ♪
will go full out idol today (≧∇≦)♪☆



Hello there, It’s Kame, Kame-san here ~♪


Why are you doing something new? Kamei-san ♪ (lol)
That’s not your normal character is it? Kamei-san ♪ (lol)


Ahhh, Kamei-san is in charge of Morning Musume’s idiot department…
That Kamei Eri-chan is the one that also goes by the name “pokepokefuu~”


Eri is a very good friend of mine.. in fact, best friend
And as a fellow Morning Musume member of the same gen,
she has helped me out tremendously over the years

I have an enormous amount of respect for her and I think she is amazing
Her way of thinking, choice of words, and general behavior
are always all overflowing with kindness
She is so warm…
I love her ♪(≧∇≦)♪


But her usual self is very my-paced!
In general, she’ll leave things up to others,
like that pic of her pouring tea, you rarely ever see that!


So this pic here is very precious


You can even consider it an heirloom


And as an heirloom, I’ll be sure to truly appreciate
this precious pic that I took with all my heart


But even with such intensity in taking this pic,
aren’t we looking a bit calm here?


Ok! Deep breath!


Breathe in!


Ok good!


I’m so grateful!


I’ve got an heirloom!


That’s the sequence of how things went


By the way, whenever Eri pours tea for you,
it always tastes extra special and delicious ♪


As expected from Eri ♪
Having a cute girl pour ♪


Ah, although it was while we were eating our bentous
so maybe it was just because I was thirsty that it tasted extra good (^_-)


But as for whether or not the tea tasted better…


after a close fight…


the bentou wins ↑


Ahhh, me saying that after Eri went through all the trouble of pouring me tea,
I bet her eyes are starting to tear up (;_;)


But it’s ok
at least it kept my throat moist (^w^)


Now everyone, we’re in the dry season right now, so be sure to keep yourself hydrated ♪

Another small break ♪

Continuing along with these two 8th gen members ♪♪
First off Mittsi-with-her-signature-smile Mitsui Aika ♪


Mittsi is Morning Musume’s youngest member
but she is such a responsible girl (b^ー°)


But really, she’s at the age where she wants attention
so if you pick up on that, she’ll really become attached to you (ノ><)ノ


She’s so cute huh (≧∇≦)


She loves animals and is raising a puppy,
sometimes she shows me pics, sooooo cute!
It makes me think “she is such a loving person”
You can really feel her love in those pics ♪


And in the second pic, it’s Junjun ♪
I wonder if Junjun likes animals too?
We had a chat about my bunny thing once
She was like “Are you going for a weird character?”
to which I responded with a weird smile


That girl is going for the mysterious character appeal


Anyway, back to the photo shoot with no more breaks ↑

Food muah!

Gaki-san aka Niigaki Risa-san and “Otsukareina” greeting Tanaka Reina-chan
are also eating →→→→↑↑↑↑


Today Reina is going nuts… (lol)
she is responding with
rejecting everything
not really open to anything at the moment


but that’s fine because
she can have a good time better than anyone
her smile is absolutely sparkling ☆


I guess she’s just a tsundere at heart huh ( ̄∀ ̄)


Well, it’s almost time to get back to the photoshoot!
I’ll upload pics of the other members later ♪


I’m off (^з^)-☆ muah!!

Grabbing a bite →

Right now we’re inbetween photo shoots ♪


We’re all grabbing a bite ―(⌒~⌒)


And here we have leader Takahashi Ai-chan ♪
and Chinese exchange student Linlin ♪


Ai-chan and Linlin are always listening to music together,
sharing 1 set of headphones


A little earlier, Ai-chan, Linlin and I were all together
and Ai-chan and Linlin were sharing a headphone set
like usual and being very lively


So I was like
“Hey hey, um so…”
as I was talking to them,
but they had their headphones on so they didn’t hear me at all
so then I was like “I know, right?”


and I switched to a monologue (lol)


Nicely done if I do say so ☆
myself ★★☆☆

Make up ♪

Technical magic my compact ♪


Technical magic my compact ♪


Make me cute ♪☆


Make-up power-up ♪♪
*this is a parody of a magic spell from Himitsu no Akko-chan anime/manga


Done (≧∇≦)
In the blink of an eye, I’ve turned super cute ♪


Ok well…
more like, it took 1 hour for the make-up artist to make me cute


There’s no secret magic here


Just the skills of my make-up artist


And of course, my own looks (lol)

Dreams ☆

Good morning ♪


Michishige Sayumi here, things are going great ↑
I had another 3 rice balls for breakfast today (^o^)/


I reaaally slept in today!
I had a dream too


I dreamt I was in my personal bathroom in my own room…
(I don’t have my own room nor a personal bathroom) lol


There, Morning Musume 6th gen members ☆ Kamei Eri-chan
and Tanaka Reina-chan were there


For some reason they were there…
and they were talking about me


At this point during my dream, I was feeling very alarmed


I mean, what if they were saying bad things about me!?


But as it turns out, they were saying…


compliments about me ↑


In the end, they turned out to be so adorable (*^o^*)


I wanna quickly meet up with them


All of us will be together starting around noon today ♪
I’ll probably be the only ones acting weird in front of Eri and Reina.. (lol)