Dreams ☆

Good morning ♪


Michishige Sayumi here, things are going great ↑
I had another 3 rice balls for breakfast today (^o^)/


I reaaally slept in today!
I had a dream too


I dreamt I was in my personal bathroom in my own room…
(I don’t have my own room nor a personal bathroom) lol


There, Morning Musume 6th gen members ☆ Kamei Eri-chan
and Tanaka Reina-chan were there


For some reason they were there…
and they were talking about me


At this point during my dream, I was feeling very alarmed


I mean, what if they were saying bad things about me!?


But as it turns out, they were saying…


compliments about me ↑


In the end, they turned out to be so adorable (*^o^*)


I wanna quickly meet up with them


All of us will be together starting around noon today ♪
I’ll probably be the only ones acting weird in front of Eri and Reina.. (lol)

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