Sweets ♪

I just ate ♪


My friend is the same age and we are reallllly close V(^-^)V


She’s very cute ♪


I very much admire her ♪


I really love cute girls, and originally she was my sister’s friend
but I wanted to talk to her, so I was like “please!”
and then we became really good friends ♪♪


We had a really good… hmm what society calls “girl talk” (≧∇≦)


And our meal, of course, was hot pot ★☆
We had kimchi hot pot ☆


My friend has long hair and because of that, a little bit of it
dipped into the hot pot, she was like “Ahh it smells!” the entire time
It was hilarious! (^O^)


Then after, we met up with my sister for dessert (・o・)ノ


We had chocolate for dessert, it was so delicious and sweet ♪
And my sister was thinking how fitting to have such a sweet day today ♪


A fitting Valentine’s day full of sweets ♪♪♪♪


Although I wish my sis would eat sweets in moderation more (lol)


Well, I’ll let her slide since I have the biggest sweet tooth (≧ε≦)

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