Shopping ♪

After my dentist appointment, I have plans to go out
to dinner with a friend (^O^)


But since the dentist finished early, I had time
to go out shopping by myself ♪


I was looking for sale items (lol)


The shop clerks were like
“Well these are our newest items here~”
but I’m only looking at those o-ver-th-er-e ♪


I ended up buying
2 1-piece dresses ☆
1 long sleeve shirt ☆
a pouch ☆
All on sale (lol)
Cheap items are so wonderful (≧∇≦)


Also, Linlin’s birthday is coming up in March,
so I bought her a good birthday present ↑


And just as you would expect, the present was on sale (lol)


I liked what I got her as well,
so I picked up a different color matching set (^∀^)ノ♪☆


Also these were 100 yen each,
so I picked up 3 sets of socks and nail polish (^_^)v


I’m quite satisfied (≧∇≦)


It was fun o(^-^)o


Also also
I found out from reading the comments,
yesterday I ranked 18th on the CDTV “Artist I want to date” ranking!


I’ve pretty much never been on a good ranking like this before,
so I am really happy (≧∇≦)


Thank you very much ♪☆★

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