Praise me ♪

After reading the comments, most of you guys guessed right (^_^)v


I’m baaack! I just came back from the dentist ☆


I’m so relieved that it’s over! I can relax! I’m free!
I feel like I can fly ~(≧∇≦)


I was super nervous before going though


At the station, I wanted to ask the attendant
“Where is the east entrance?”


But I was shaking so much from the fear…!?
that I said “Entrance where is the east?”




Sounded like some weird new dish on a restaurant menu


I think the dentist may be the last place on Earth that I want to go to (>_<)


Yet, they have helped me so often, ever since I was a little kid


Apparently, I get cavities easily (;_;)
I guess bugs can easily get into my teeth…


which is what I let slip out at work recently
But then I was told that cavities aren’t formed
from bugs going into your teeth


Cavities are actually formed from bacteria!!


I was so sure that bugs somehow caused cavities…


Thinking about that now, it’s so embarrassing (>_<)


But yeah, there’s another reason why I dislike dentists so much…


Since around kindergarten times, I’ve always been scared of dentists
Anything related to dentists, I would start crying (/_;)


And not like sobbing kinda crying, I mean like loud WAHHHHHH WAHHHHHH


I don’t really remember it too well myself, but I’m pretty sure I made a big fuss every time


And then, the dentists put this towel over your arms and legs,
and you’re not supposed to move after that p(´⌒`q)


And I knew I wasn’t supposed to be fussy…


But what scared me more than the actual pain from the treatment
was the idea of not being able to move (∋_∈)


I was slightly traumatized (;_;)


Although now, contrary to earlier, I am scared of moving too much
so I make myself stay very still…
I’ve become very patient (lol)


It seems like I hate taking away my own freedom (lol)


Anyway, I feel a lot better now ♪
Like I can skip around ↑


Seriously ↑


Run ♪

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