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Today I didn’t meet up with the Morning Musume girls,
actually the girls came over to my house yesterday
to drop off Valentine’s candy ♪


Everyone’s candies are so cute (≧∇≦)


I got hand-made ones from lead Takahashi Ai-chan
and 8th gen member Mittsi – Mitsui Aika-chan ♪♪
Mittsi made me some hand-made rusk*!
* a hard, dry biscuit
Rusk is delici-usk…♪ hehe m(_ _)m


And for leader Ai-chan!!
Her’s is the 2nd pic, what do you think it is?


And no, it’s not inori* (lol)
* Sweet wrap rice roll


It’s like some kind of sweet potato pastry (◎o◎)


Um.. Ai-chan! This…
can stand up on my hand… (lol)


Excellent pose ↑ (lol)


It’s got like a “My aren’t you something” disposition


Compared to normal sweets, it’s cuter but like in a more modest way


Although the pastry can’t stand up reliably (≧∇≦)


But even a pastry can lose sight of it’s true self


durability, durability (lol)
elegance, elegance (lol)


As for me, I’m the same way, always expecting to fall, even for things that aren’t scary


But I have learned how to live from Ai-chan’s pastry


I have also discovered the goal of Ai-chan’s pastry in life


And now for the flavor…


It’s go..good!


It’s pretty amazing that it tastes so good even though it looks like this ♪


Actually, what I said about the looks of Ai-chan’s pastry was kinda mean (>_<)


But um… honestly, it does look pretty bad


But it was delicious so I ate it all (⌒~⌒)♪♪


With such an amazing pastry, of course I have to savor it ↑


Ai-chan is truly something else ♪


I’ve discovered yet another charm point of hers (≧ε≦)
Kyuuuun (*^o^*)


Anyway, as for now ☆
I am heading out to a place where everyone hates!
Where do you think it is?
I’ll give you a hint…
that (;_;)


Ahh how unpleasant ↓
I’m so nervous ↓↓


I’m going to fall like the pastry Ai-chan gave me (≧ヘ≦)


Be sure to compliment me if I make it back in one piece (>_<)


Here I go…

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