Bloody Monday

Hey hey, it’s already over but…
Did you see yesterday’s Bloody Monday?


I just loooooooove the Bloody Monday drama!!!!
I’ve been a big fan since season 1…
Last year, they said that season 2 would start on January 23rd


I’m so glad to be alive———–!


…is what I thought!!
At that time though, I was a little down…
But there was something to live for!
So, Blood Monday gave me a reason to keep on going
And so, waiting for that January 23rd…


The long awaited episode 1…


Everything was better than I expected ”(ノ><)ノ They did everything exactly the opposite of what I predicted (lol) As the whole thing was building up, my heart was beating so fast the entire time (≧∇≦)! And, I ended up crying out loud by myself at midnight while watching episode 1 (ノ△T)。 Anyway, this drama is amazing I'm completely hooked


Also, the content matter of the show is difficult at times
So I’m always like “Hey, so what happened just now?”
to my mom who’s right next to me… (lol)


Whenever there’s something I don’t understand or some difficult parts to follow
I pause, think about it, rewind, and then listen again really carefully


That is how super focused I am


So that’s why, for me… a 1 hour drama takes me 1 hour 15 minutes to watch!!


And yesterday’s…
episode 4…


Well there may be people who haven’t seen it yet,
so I won’t give out any spoilers


But it was nuts


Saturday’s are the highlights of my week because I watch Bloody Monday (lol)


Bloody Monday is so intense!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sayu is surprisingly relatable. Switch out ‘Bloody Monday’ with…oh, say, ‘Lost’, or something, and she’d fit right in over here, too.

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