To my lips

Good morning ♪♪


Today is Valentine’s Day (≧∇≦)


I am giving chocolates to all the people around me
who have helped me so much ↑


I got all the same ones since I had to get so many
again, because I have so many people helping me…


and so, the number of chocolates I need… (・_・)..


Ya know what, my lips have been hurting since a little while ago (;_;)


Whyyyy \(+×+)/


And like, it’s chapped so its super red
And also, it’s swollen so its super huge


It’s like I smothered them with bright red lip gloss (>_<)


I guess I don’t need any lip gloss today ♪


Lip gloss substitute ♪


Saving money woot ↑
Better mood woot ↑↑


See, I’m careful during these times of recession ↑↑↑


ok so maybe that’s not the same thing ↓


If I ice down my lips, the swelling temporarily goes away
However, my mood goes away as well too…
But if my lips swell up again
My mood comes back (>_<)


My lips and mood are inversely related I guess


Seems like my lips are gonna go back and forth today…


Lips, please don’t make me stand out


Lips, is it because you want my complete attention?


Why did you insist on swelling up all of the sudden?


Up til now, you’ve never intruded in like this before!
You’ve always been a good kid!


Is this teenage rebellion?


You know, you aren’t in a position to intrude in like this


You are supposed to support me silently, like a shadow


Lips!! Please don’t waste my time


Got that, lips?


Hurry now, go from your intruding swell back to normal..


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