Small things

As I said in the previous blog, that certain member is…


Morning Musume’s sub-leader Niigaki Risa-chan~♪↑


I can’t show the outfit so instead I’ve covered
everything up with hearts (≧∇≦)


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!
So with that in mind, this pic isn’t so bad right?!
Hehe (`∇´ゞ


It seems that Gaki-san reads my blog cuz when I wrote
I had caught a cold, she was the first to mail me about it


She’s so kind (;_;)


I always taking for granted Gaki-san’s kindness and her small face


My heart hurts… (>_<)


I want to be as caring to other around me just like Gaki-san!


I want to have a small face just like Gaki-san!


Although the small face thing might hard
considering skeletal structure and other problems


As for the kindness, I can do that some how…


You know what, from now on I’m gonna follow Gaki-san’s example


Time to get a face massage ↑↑↑ (lol)


Sigh… At this rate I’ll never be that kind ↓
I don’t think God will grant me a small face either ↓↓
Getting a small face is a long ways off isn’t it (;∇;)/~~


Seems like I’ve developed a small heart too… let alone a small face




That makes your tongue click… (lol)


Aw man
Messing around with tongue clicks like this… I really do have a small heart (;_;)

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