Chocolate ★

Just the other day, I went out to shop for Valentine’s Day chocolates ☆


Every year I do an exchange with the Morning Musume members, the managers,
the people who help out at the company, my grandpa,
my father, my brother, people I meet on that day,
and on years when I’ve made too much, I give some to the taxi drivers too ♪


Last year, I worked really hard on making the chocolates


and I mailed some back along with some famous brand-name Macarons
to my grandpa that I love so much back in Yamaguchi


“The macarons were delicious” – completely ignoring my chocolates…
was the honest thanks he gave me (lol)
So this year… I bought chocolates instead o(`▽´)o


Hm… so what was it I wanted to say today…


Oh, I love sweets!!!!!


Whenever we have a huge stock of chocolates and chocolate-flavored sweets
I end up eating them all


Actually, earlier I ate some…
And actually… it was 4 people’s worth… ah…
I gotta go buy some more again…


But ya know ↑
Giving them out without sampling isn’t proper right? (lol)
That’s why it was necessary to eat 4 people’s worth of chocolates…
Although, that wasn’t my intention…
But they were so delicious!!! (≧∇≦)


Giving these out to everyone without knowing that delicious flavor
would have been frustrating (lol)
So, I’m glad I tried them ♪
Delicious food is just happiness isn’t it (*^o^*)♪


Valentine’s is so fun ♪♪


Today, all of Morning Musume had work together ☆★


I took a 2 shot with a certain member (^_^)v


I’m still checking if it’s ok for me to show the outfit,
so in the meanwhile enjoy a pic I took of myself m(_ _)m

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