Global economic recession

So I was out, and what the… snow in Tokyo!? o(`▽´)o


It was cold, but for some reason, when it rains it’s kinda gloomy
but snow is kinda happy (≧∇≦)☆


But ya know, I didn’t have an umbrella ↓
So I went to the nearest convenience store ⇒ ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


In addition to the umbrella, I was hungry
so I bought 1 rice ball and some tea


Then at the register…


The total was 741 yen
I took out a 1000 yen bill, but then I thought… I wonder if I have any coins
So I checked to see if I could hear any coins rattling


For some reason, I had a ton
so I was like, well I should use some of them then


First, I found a 1yen coin


Well, pretty good so far


Then I took out 2 100yen coins, 200yen total


I think this is where things started to go wrong


So as for the 741 yen, I gave 1201 yen


I figured in my head that I should get 560 yen back,
I was expecting a 500 yen coin


But in actuality…
I only got 460 yen back




When did the world become like this!?


Is it because of the global recession that they docked me 100 yen!?


Or perhaps… they inputted it into the register wrong!?
Or perhaps… the store register was broken!?


…or perhaps I miscalculated!?


Even now I’m still not sure (?_?)


But in the end, my purse was still rattling from the change…
I ended up with more coins ( ̄○ ̄;)


The shop clerk with my change has this weird expression too,
for some reason he was sweating a lot (・_・;)


I, however ♪
was able to hide it, but I was panicking inside ”(」゜□゜)」


Even now though, I still believe that I didn’t make a calculation mistake
I’m stubborn like that…


Ahhh… I hope the recession ends soon…


My mood and my wallet is heavy…


And you know how my last name… is Michishige, right?
After the michi, is shige (lol)
*shige = heavy

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  1. LOL! Fail at maths :). Well…it’s already been shown she couldnt count. (From one of the Haromoni episodes with the lottery)

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