Fruits ♪

Good morning ♪


Yesterday the usual staying up late Sayumi went to sleep early ☆


Although I woke up a few times, I had a really good night’s rest!!!! (^_^)v
And thanks to that ♪
I’m back to 100% ↑
Thank you


I guess regular eating habits, sleeping habits,
and lifestyle in general are important huh


So everyone, whether it be school, studies, homework,
work, things that don’t require thinking…
things that I can’t even imagine…
all those things that make you busy, despite that
please try to eat properly and sleep properly ♪


Having said that, for breakfast today
I had a chocolate scone and a persimmon from yesterday’s radio show
Are persimmon’s in season?
I think these can go in the fridge ♪
They are individually wrapped!!
Isn’t that something?
High quality stuff →(≧∇≦)
Right? Right? ↑↑↑↑
Sounds good, they are so delicious when they are juicy ♪


By the way, as for fruits


I like peaches
In saying “I like peaches”, it makes me sound cute doesn’t it? ♪


I also like pears
In saying “I like pears”, I’ve never heard of anyone who thinks otherwise
I hope you’ll all agree with me ♪


I also like figs
In saying “I like figs”, I hope you guys will think
“ehhh, she likes some of the lesser known fruits too” ♪


I also like blueberries
In saying “I like blueberries”, since they’re good for your eyes
I hope you guys will be like “wow she’s really takes care of her body” ♪


I also like American cherries
In saying “I like American cherries”, it makes me sound refined doesn’t it? ♪


In short, I like fruits ♪


In short, I hope I’ve given you a good idea of what fruits I like (lol)


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