Matching set ♪

Okkkk ☆
Here is a 2 shot with Morning Musume’s leader Takahashi Ai-chan ☆


We’re both wearing Western-style clothes ♪
We’re matching ♪
We did the radio show as a matching couple ♪♪


I love Ai-chan and she always makes everything more fun


Also, Ai-chan is very trendy and always cute and cool
She has excellent fashion coordination
Being together with Ai-chan is just fantastic ♪


We have teddy bear designs,
with mine being colorful
and Ai-chan’s being black/white


Ai-chan’s is kinda boy-ish ☆


Upon seeing what we wore
we were like “Ahh!! We’re the same!!”
and we got super excited, I was so happy (*^o^*)


And now today… ah no I mean tomorrow…
Morning Musume will be on Music Fighter!
We’ll be singing Onna ga medatte naze ikenai ♪
Please check it out ☆♪


I’ll be recording that tomorrow
I know it’s early, but I’m gonna head off to sleep now
I want to get back to full energy so I need to get plenty of sleepy (≧∇≦)


Oyasayumin ♪♪

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