I also got to take a 2 shot with Yasuda-san (^_^)v☆♪


I kinda have a weird facial expression though (>_<)


Yasuda-san is just too nice, she simply is too nice.


Despite all of the rude things I’ve said on
variety shows and other various shows
She has such a huge heart that she just takes everything in


What’s more, she listens to me when I need to have a serious talk
and she also gives me her opinion on things


She makes it easy to understand
and also says everything in a gentle way
She’s such a kind senpai (^O^)


And also, one thing for sure about Yasuda-san


is that she’s so funny ♪


I know right? ♪ ~θ(^0^ )


I also just love how “Yasuda Kei” sounds
so even when she’s not around
I use her as the punchline of many jokes (lol)


Yasuda-san is so funny ♪


And so nice… that she even laughs at the mean things
I’ve been saying about her…


Thank you!


I look forward in continuing to work with you


as the punchline of my jokes ↑ (lol)


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