Usa-chan peace ♪

I had a radio recording session today ♪
It was for the show “MBS young town saturday”
a radio show featuring Akashiya Sanma-san, Murakami Shouji-san
Morning Musume’s Takahashi Ai-chan and a different weekly MM OG ♪


Today’s OG is Yasuda Kei-san ☆


We took a pic together ~(^_^)v


Here is a pic of us 3, and without me saying anything
Yasuda-san and Ai-chan did the Usa-chan peace pose for me ☆


Usa-chan peace is…


A pose that I normally do a lot, and it is basically where
you put both hands in a peace sign
and place them above your head like bunny ears! ♪


Please give it a try!
Ready… and go!


Hehehe ♪ Was that too much to ask? (≧∇≦)


But I’m sure that there were some of you who did it ♪


It’s so cute ♪♪

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