Health first ☆

Sorry for making you all worry.


I went to the hospital ↑


But ya know,
even before I went to the hospital, I was already feeling a lot better ♪


But just to be safe, I went in to get an IV treatment (>_<)


It made me so alive again, you wouldn’t even have been
able to tell I was the same person as last night’s Sayumi


It even gave me back my pre-sick appetite (lol)


I had 3 rice balls and a bowl of soup (^w^)


Since I was eating nothing but sweets yesterday…
I’ll eat rice today to get my strength back ↑↑


Although, later on, I think I’m gonna end up reverting back to my old self
That’s what I predict ♪


But what I got out of this was…


☆ Health comes first ☆




Health is so important


Any pain
Any adversity
Is tough isn’t it
And not just for you, but it affects everything around you (>_<)


Without your health, everything you do just isn’t as fun is it? (;_;)


When you’re healthy
things like “I’m happy!”
and “This is fun!”
and “This is delicious!”
and “What a blessing!” just feel better don’t they…


After reflecting on this event, I really didn’t take care of myself at all…


Normally, I kind of take my health for granted, but now I am grateful that I am healthy


From now on, I’ll try to avoid unhealthy habits as much as possible ↑↑


Health banzai \(^ー^)/

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