Collabo Goods♡ Loーts of Pictures!

2021-03-01 15:50:08

3/29 Make up performance,
with ZOC, our two-man act collabo goods ピンクハート
Pre-orders are until today !!!!!!キラキラ
Today, I wore the Tshirt and the hoodie 音符流れ星
The patterns and all that
I took a buーーnch of pictures グラサンハート
This big hoodie is cuteー!!
The sense of size 宇宙人くんハートハートハート
Thanks for looking at the lots of pictures until the end!
It seems they aren’t being sold at the venue so
those interested by all means get it from here♡
I’m looking forward to this two-man act yah 爆笑音符