Bijin Hyakka March Issue ♡

2021-02-28 17:08:03

I ended up writing this blog late but
Currently released
『Bijin Hyakka March Issue』
front cover, I got to be on it !!!!!!
My first…
Solo front page!!!!😭💓
I’m reallyyyy happy!!
When I heard the talk about the front cover from Manager-san and
when doing the shoot too
I was really happy
All the fans will totally be overjoyed right?💕 I got WakuWaku excited うさぎハート
Well, when it was announced!
there were lots and lots
and lots and lots of all of you who were overjoy
it really really made me happy yah… ピンクハート
From here
I don’t know how to say it well but…
For me you know
just it being me of course makes me happy ya know!?
But all you fans being you
said “I’m happy!” a lot, you were overjoyed for me
You celebrated for me, “Congratulations!”
You’re really kind or rather
once again I felt loved you know 😭💓
For me of course everyone being overjoyed is the thing that makes me most happy! ハート
I feel like I like want be my cute self and well,
For sure looking in the mirror, the days I go, “Oh! Today I’m not looking puffy, I’m cute yah!” even for me that’s mood lifting but,
“Seeing cute Sayumi cheered me up”
“Seeing cute Sayumi is soothing,”
getting that kind of praise, everyone being delighted, that is the number 1 motivation I can get you know!!!
And so
I feel like I can’t get it across well at all but…
always, thank you ピンクハート
coming across each other
come to like me
be there for me
thank you… ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
For the front cover there’s 2 patterns
This gorgeous black dress and ハート
These cute pink clothes ピンクハート
I have so much off shots
The limit came so soーーon 😂
In the pages too there’s lots of inserts I got to do
I even got to arrange the planning ハートハートハート
Really I’m so happy for so much 😭
I still have off shots, I haven’t put them all up yet so
I think I could put them up later…!ハート
Please by all means look at the video with a look at the front cover shoot day too kay

Popcorn Granola

2021-02-26 13:42:12

For the Kellogg;s-san new product 『Popcorn Granola』’s WebCM Takahashi Ai-chan, Tanaka Reina-chan, and I got to perform !!!!!!
there was an announcement event for that🍿✨
It was reaーーーーlly 💓
fun ❣️❣️❣️
Ai-chan, Reina, it has been a while since we got together
getting to talk
during the session of course!!
but even in the dressing room and things,
we’d be talking all the time having fun, I was laughing constantly the entire time 😆
We were talking about how we should take it like it was a release jacket picture
So we did it like this↓
It’s the shoot’s offshots !!!!!!
For the webCM
It’s such a cheery, happy CM that just looking myself I ended up smiling without thinking about it so
I’ll be happy if you for sure end up enjoying it when you see it ピンクハート
The videos are here↓💁‍♀️
【Kellogg’s Popcorn Granola】 Raise your mood breakfast food edition 50 seconds
【Kellogg’s Popcorn Granola】 Raise your mood breakfast food edition 15 seconds
Picture tiーーmeハート
I got flowers too ちょうちょチューリップ
Thank you so much ハムスターガーベラ
[tl pic note: cards say it’s from the film studio and Kellogg’s filming staff]
In the CM for the monochrome pajama scene,
Actually I’m in yellowー!!
To close up
I didn’t really catch the outfit in them yah
that’s how they feel though 笑い泣き笑い泣き笑い泣き
Sticking out my tongue embarrassingly てへぺろてへぺろてへぺろ
The Popcorn Granola,
the food texture is SakuSaku crisp, it’s fun
In any case it’s yummy so by all means please eat it kayー ラブラブラブラブラブラブ

tocco closet

2021-02-24 23:09:30

The other day、
I did a shoot for tocco closet-san’s catalog ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
I wore lots of clothes!!
All of it was really cute 照れラブラブラブラブラブラブ
The catalog goes up 3/1 (Mon)
it seems the selling of items is planned for mid March!!
Hai, heーreピンク薔薇
My hairstyle was also cute ハートハートハート
Ah!! Last time’s
tocco closet-san catalog photoshoot had really cute hairstyles too though 💓
I hadn’t put them all up so
well it’s late though… アセアセ
I’m puttig them up!!
I still have some pictures I haven’t put up from the previous one too so I’ll give them to you kay〜 ピンクハートハートピンクハートハートピンクマカロン
Same as always I hit the upper limit 爆笑キラキラ
Well well,
it looks like it’s warm but it’s surprisingly cold so please take total care of your health kay ハート
Oyasayumin ピンクハート

What I Want To Eat and What I Ate

2021-02-20 13:05:43

Just recently I wanted to eat ramen ya know…
Especially Rairaitei…🍜
Rairaitei is, when I go back to Yamaguchi, a must go to for sure!!
It’s really yummy yupー爆笑
Kotteri thick broth ramen’s
firm noodles, I love it !! !! !!
Ahー I want kotteri style yah〜〜〜
I’ve been making it a lot lately,
chicken breast and broccolli stir-fry 🥦
The pictures look the same but
the flavors totally differ キラキラ
Comparing to how much I made it
whether I took or didn’t take pics
and which had what kinds of flavors, I think I forgot everything
each time I looked it up on all kinds of YouTube and cookpads 爆笑
Ah, I have self-shots too yah???
From some time… it’s self-shots ニコニコ
Thank you for looking 爆笑爆笑爆笑

Posting Pictures Until I Hit The Upper Limit Again

2021-02-17 14:12:50

Nakano Sunplaza Performance
I took a picture with all the members too 爆笑ルンルン
And you know,
at Nakano Sunplaza
the dressingroom is for a single person but
for the 2nd day
Pink Cres.’s Kobayashi Hikaru-chan came to hang out (for 3 minutes)
She’s cute it was soothing 😆♡
Two shots too チューリップひまわり
With Hikaru-chan
the direction we came at the very beginning of the live was from above and we were together so for rehearsals and each of the Osaka・Nakano performances, during things like standby we’d talk occasionally
She’s funny 爆笑爆笑爆笑
The RedBull that Manager-san brought meブルーハート
Hai, once again it’s lots of pictures time !!!!!!
Since I’ve once again reached the upper limit. lol
With that, laters kay 🍊✨

Thank You So Much!

2021-02-17 13:11:00

M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~
Nakano Sunplaza Performance
Everyone who came
everyone who cheered me on
thank you so muchピンクハート
In this situation where we can’t really do events and stuff,
getting to do a live made me really happy!!
they are fun〜 !!!!!!
Of course I like singing and dancing
and I like performing in the same space together with all my beloved fans!
Really, usually,
I’m the type of person who negatively gets UjiUji hesitantly uncertain but
only when I get to see everyone can I be positive ❤️✨
The power everyone gives me is amazing✨✨
I instantly cheer up!!
It’s amazing yah
I totally want to see everyone again no matter what happens
and I totally want to see everyone again when there’s nothing too yah
And when that happens let’s meet up with a smile ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
I hope that the world calms down as soon as possible…!!!
From The 13th
and 14th, I’ll put up a lot of the pictures I’ve taken kay ❤️
With Valentine’s in mind
a lot of heart poses ♥️
A mysterious pose えーん笑い泣き
Pasting them in a trance, I hit the upper limit!!!! lol
Laters kay ハートピンクハートハートピンクハート

Tea-latte Start

2021-02-13 11:38:04

Lately i’ve been nothing but tea-latte
Really just tea-latte
I’m drinking them up おねがい
Of course today too I’ve been drinking it since this morning 爆笑
I’m really into it !!!!!!ハート
Tea-latte makes you fat I think?
Be careful not to drink too much yahー
But I’m drinking it upー

Today at Nakano Sunplaza
M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~
It’s been a while since it’s been Nakano Sunplaza Huh〜100点
It seems there’s same-day tickets too so, by all means…!
Today please give me your support too うさぎラブラブ
Two-shots from last week’s Osaka
the ones I haven’t put up
bringing them all out(?) ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート雷
That’s right at the upper limit 😂 lol
Well then, laters ラブラブ

My Goods Collection

2021-02-10 23:26:38

A little bit back
I got this from Tanuki Kaihatsu [tl approx: Nook Development]…♡
Starting from the cardboard it’s so cute i’m all Kyun♡♡♡
When you ask what I got…
A Misuzu [tl aka: Judy] trainer sweatshirt !!ピンクハートブルーハートピンクハートグリーンハート
Oh my oh my it’s so cute 😭💓
This you knowー
It’s called the My Goods Collection
With Animal Crossing citizens and items, and letters you can lay it out in your own style!!!!!!流れ星
I made a totebag too ハートたこ焼
The point is,
Okutarou [tl aka; Octavian] has an angry expression but
on purpose
it has the characters 『SMILE!』 爆笑爆笑爆笑
It’s like a takoyaki grill, it’s cuteー❤️🐙
Isn’t it cuteー?❤️
Rightー! It’s cute right?ー!!!?❤️
Waーi Thank youuu❤️
I took lots of self-shotー!!!
Misuzu’s KiraKira sparkling eyes are cute yah 🤩✨✨
And I’m hungryyy…
What are you eating for dinner〜???
What did you eat〜???

Blog Filled with Pictures Everyone Will Love?

2021-02-11 17:05:58

I’m putting up
lots of pictures from some point !!!!!!
AnMille-san clothes ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
This one piece’s
chest ribbon is cute 😍🎀
This one piece is cute and feels good to wear, I’ve been wearing it a lot this winter ピンクハート
By the way this one piece,
during the shoot I wore this↓ color キラキラ
Laughing loudly! lol
AnMille-san shoots are always very fun 爆笑爆笑爆笑ラブラブ
Well then, I’ll update again later ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
It’s still cold so
please stay warm and watch your health kay 雪の結晶


2021-02-07 21:05:07

Yesterday was,

星 M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~ 星
Osaka performance!!
My first live in a long time…
I was filled with nerves and anticipation !!
Standing on stage gettingto see everyone made me happier than anything else
Of course for me getting to be in the same space with everyone and in that sapce getting to sing, dance, and perform, I felt like, I love it ラブラブ
In this situation,
I feel like even coming to the venue there’s uneasiness it’s rough but, those who came, thank you so much!
And we’re in this situation so
I feel there are those of you who wanted to come but couldn’t too. When this situation calms down I hope we see each other soon…!
Really eveyrone
always always
thank you so much for your warm support ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The members in Osaka!
Kudou Haruka-chan
Nihei Yuuka-chan and
Kobayashi Hikaru-chan!
With these cute fun 3 people
it was very soothing 照れピンクハート
Getting to also eat takoyaki made me happy〜
It was yummy〜
From when I was writing for the daily raw photos
If you’re going to Osaka, it’s takoyaki!
I’d be great to eat takoyaka in Osaka huh〜
I was thinking about it so getting to eat some made me happy 🐙🏀
Do you like it???💓