2021-03-24 20:53:09

I got it cut😆
Personally I like it a lotピンクハート
I cut more than 20cmー !!!!!!キラキラ
It’s shorter than the bob I did about 3 years ago I thinkー!?
Maybe shorter than when I joined Morning Musume。 too right!?
If I were to be careless(?)
it’s like back 1 more yah!!??
How is itー!!??
That part, up to this point I made this blog about 3 days ago? but
I was late to put it up…
sorry えーん
Showring is so fun!!
[tl note: this is her typo not mine]
That is to say,
when washing the area below my shoulders
“Eh, there’s not hair!!”
I get like that even now 爆笑
Drying is easy too yah!
I took so many pictures yah!
Fruits are yummy yah!
Now, in my fridge
there are grapes and apples ラブ
Peeling apples is troublesome so I think they’ll disappear starting with the grapes ウインク
Well then laters〜 ルンルンルンルン口笛

4 Years Since Saisei!!!!

2021-03-19 09:52:48

Today is
Michishige Saisei Day
For me it’s a really important day
It’s alrady been 4 years since then too…!!
It’s really gone by in a flash…!!
4 years ago,
it was the joy and happiness of getting to see all of you fans after about 2 and a half years, of course
“Did you all really wait 2 and a half years and come to see me?” and, “I’m glad you came to see the current me,” I wondered if I’d be able to feel that way
It was DokiDoki heart-pounding yah
Even a little bit, being cute for 3/19 and
reliably deliverying my song and dance in my own way
thinkign about comments
filled with that
filled with that
that day was filled with DokiDoki heart-pounding too
But as soon as I got to see all the fans
it immediately felt like that 2 and a half years time was just buried you know!!!
2 and a half eyars pass and in a good way nothing changed, the honest, fired up, cute, warm, and of course a little weird fans were all here for me
It was comforting yah ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
Aa of course I love it here yah
I felt that in my heart ピンクハート
This year
in this situation
I’ve ended up not being able to really meet with you fans
I still have everyone so it’s still a joy, I once again realized that
Now being able to meet is lonely
or rather of course being able to see each other would be the best but
beign connected by SNS
just remembering that cheers me up
from my heart I’m grateful.
Thank you ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
For this 5th year since Saisei, I feel that for my self, in my own for, I want to do what I can do, and so
please continue to give me your support !!ラブラブ
So I can see lots of everyone smiling うさぎハート
Our crossing paths is a joy!!❤️
I took a look at pictures from the Saisei performances for the first time in a while 爆笑
↑A picture Aichan took when she came to see me ピンクハートイエローハートピンクハートイエローハート
I miss the Cotton Club drinks and dessert meals…… ラブラブ
What’s on my head is
A present from Yamaki-chan ピンクハートグリーンハートピンクハートグリーンハートうさぎ
Thank you always!
I’ll update later!!

Spring An MILLE♡

2021-03-16 17:32:22

An MILLE-san’s
Spring catalog distribution is starting at every store !!!!!!ピンクハート
Were you able to get itー???ラブラブ
The spring clothes is vーーery! cute too😍
The shoots from this day were fun too yah ハートピンク音符
Off-shot Festival爆笑
I ended up reaching the upper limitーーーー😆💦
Well then I’ll update later kay!!
From Sayumin who since yesterday can’t help but want to eat pancakes 🍎✨

Nakano Sunplaza〜

2021-03-12 23:00:04

Good Evening !!
ピンク音符 M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~ ブルー音符
5/4 (Tuesday Holiday)’s Nakano Sunplaza performance, I’ve been scheduled to appear!! 音符
Starting 14:30 and 18:00, it’s 2 performances 流れ星
FC Priority Applications are starting!!
The application deadline is, 3/22(Mon) 17:00 上差し
Details are here 💁‍♀️
Pictures from last time at Nakano Sunplaza
Lots of pictures! Thanks for looking〜
I’m looking forward to it ピンク薔薇赤薔薇花束


2021-03-05 09:22:02

We’ve entered March huh〜
3/3 was Hina Matsuri huh!!
Hina Matsuri… 雛人形
Something for it… This year I spent it doing nothing in particular as usual I think〜
Or so I thought!
At the convenience store I casually looked at the sweets area 💓
They were selling an Ohinaosama doll display style shortcake so without thinking I ended up buying it てへぺろ
It was yummy…
Sweets are bliss… バレンタイン
After that the senbei I ate was yummy too 🍘
Yummy things you know, there’s no limit to them yah!!
How troubliiiiing ❣️❣️❣️ 笑い泣き
Bijin Hyakka March Issue off shots 💓
I have lots so I’ll put them up again 💓💓💓
Thank you for looking at them ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
Please give me your support in March too🥺💞

Ohー! New

[tl note: This blog uses a new feature in ameblo that allows Sayu to frame her images but also changes a lot of the formatting conventions of the blog. At this time our translations will not attempt to duplicate that. If it becomes a frequent part of her blog this may change. Thank you for your understanding. -Invis]

2021-03-04 16:43:06

Just recently there’s been lots of shoots
I’ve gotten to do!!
Every day is very fun!!✨
A picture I took between shoots↓
On Ameblo-san they started this new feature so
I tried using it ラブラブラブラブ
It’s interesting huh!!
I’ll write another blog later おねがい

Collabo Goods♡ Loーts of Pictures!

2021-03-01 15:50:08

3/29 Make up performance,
with ZOC, our two-man act collabo goods ピンクハート
Pre-orders are until today !!!!!!キラキラ
Today, I wore the Tshirt and the hoodie 音符流れ星
The patterns and all that
I took a buーーnch of pictures グラサンハート
This big hoodie is cuteー!!
The sense of size 宇宙人くんハートハートハート
Thanks for looking at the lots of pictures until the end!
It seems they aren’t being sold at the venue so
those interested by all means get it from here♡
I’m looking forward to this two-man act yah 爆笑音符