2021-03-24 20:53:09

I got it cut😆
Personally I like it a lotピンクハート
I cut more than 20cmー !!!!!!キラキラ
It’s shorter than the bob I did about 3 years ago I thinkー!?
Maybe shorter than when I joined Morning Musume。 too right!?
If I were to be careless(?)
it’s like back 1 more yah!!??
How is itー!!??
That part, up to this point I made this blog about 3 days ago? but
I was late to put it up…
sorry えーん
Showring is so fun!!
[tl note: this is her typo not mine]
That is to say,
when washing the area below my shoulders
“Eh, there’s not hair!!”
I get like that even now 爆笑
Drying is easy too yah!
I took so many pictures yah!
Fruits are yummy yah!
Now, in my fridge
there are grapes and apples ラブ
Peeling apples is troublesome so I think they’ll disappear starting with the grapes ウインク
Well then laters〜 ルンルンルンルン口笛

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