Two-man Live

2021-04-02 07:10:39

[tl note: the term two-man live is kind of like “two team” or “two act” but I can’t really decide what works best here so for now I’m just going to leave it in it’s awkward engrish.]
On 3/29
There was a two-man live with ZOC!
Oh my, really!!
It was fun キラキラキラキラキラキラ
The two-man live this time
by all rights it should’ve been held about a year ago but
with this current situation that happened, it ended up being postponed…
after over a year, finally!
We got to hold it!!
Everyone who came
Everyone who saw the broadcast
Everyone who gave your support
Among all the different feeling for each of you,
really, truly, thank you so much.
Singing and dancing, with everyone there
It was a delight yah〜
I want to do it again!!!!!
Wtih all of ZOC!
Getting to do lots of collaboration, it makes me so happy yah ラブラブラブラブ
The ZOC songs were fun!! It was a lot dumped into my head!! lol
The ZOC songs I felt like I wanted to do since this two-man thing was decided
and songs I felt that I wanted to sing together too after going to see ZOC’s Budokan performance the other day! Getting to do both of thosemade me happy!!
With Morning Musume。 songs too, for the first time in a while this time I got to perform songs I normally can’t really perform alone, it was nostalgic and so much funー!!!! Yayー!!!!
Hikaru-san and Momoko-san!
SAYUMINGLANDOLL being postponed I haven’t gotten t osee them so getting to see them for the first time in a while and getting to do thsi together made me happy 照れ
The reassurance having the 2 of them there 照れ照れ照れ
Can you tell what time this was????
Hai, times up〜
I’m gonna say the answer kay??
『OK! Ikimakucchae』’s
top of the 2nd part
『Nokori chotto no seal』
that part!!!!
That’s it!!!!!ハート
Sorry if you said itw as something else yah 😂 lol
The outfit too
It’s reaaaaally one of my favorites ❣️
They made it so cute for me 😭💓
Even to the tiny details in the encore outfit too, it’s mega cute, such a joy 🦋💜⭐️
The stylist-san arranged lots of hair accessories for me too, it was all so cute!
Uncertain on uncertain
for sure in the dressing room
『Eーn I want to put this one insteadー😭』
I said that but
No matter what I was saying over and over I can’t change it for just one performance so
Eventually I decided on these hair pins ピンクハート
They look like toys!
When I was small I’d totally wear something like these yah〜 with this missed bob hair, this is cute, so I went with this ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
But really!
It was all cute
I wanted to try on all the patterns and show everyone 😂
Since going with a bob
it’s the first time directly seeing all the fans yah, on this day!
In my heart even that was a little DokiDoki heart-pounding 💓
How is it!?💓💓💓
I’m into cutting my hair myself yah〜
The broadcast, I watched it after I got home but
I’m glad I cut it! I thought that like 15 times! lol
Well now it kinda seems short爆笑
Really thank you so much!!!

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