Tea-latte Start

2021-02-13 11:38:04

Lately i’ve been nothing but tea-latte
Really just tea-latte
I’m drinking them up おねがい
Of course today too I’ve been drinking it since this morning 爆笑
I’m really into it !!!!!!ハート
Tea-latte makes you fat I think?
Be careful not to drink too much yahー
But I’m drinking it upー

Today at Nakano Sunplaza
M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~
It’s been a while since it’s been Nakano Sunplaza Huh〜100点
It seems there’s same-day tickets too so, by all means…!
Today please give me your support too うさぎラブラブ
Two-shots from last week’s Osaka
the ones I haven’t put up
bringing them all out(?) ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート雷
That’s right at the upper limit 😂 lol
Well then, laters ラブラブ

My Goods Collection

2021-02-10 23:26:38

A little bit back
I got this from Tanuki Kaihatsu [tl approx: Nook Development]…♡
Starting from the cardboard it’s so cute i’m all Kyun♡♡♡
When you ask what I got…
A Misuzu [tl aka: Judy] trainer sweatshirt !!ピンクハートブルーハートピンクハートグリーンハート
Oh my oh my it’s so cute 😭💓
This you knowー
It’s called the My Goods Collection
With Animal Crossing citizens and items, and letters you can lay it out in your own style!!!!!!流れ星
I made a totebag too ハートたこ焼
The point is,
Okutarou [tl aka; Octavian] has an angry expression but
on purpose
it has the characters 『SMILE!』 爆笑爆笑爆笑
It’s like a takoyaki grill, it’s cuteー❤️🐙
Isn’t it cuteー?❤️
Rightー! It’s cute right?ー!!!?❤️
Waーi Thank youuu❤️
I took lots of self-shotー!!!
Misuzu’s KiraKira sparkling eyes are cute yah 🤩✨✨
And I’m hungryyy…
What are you eating for dinner〜???
What did you eat〜???

Blog Filled with Pictures Everyone Will Love?

2021-02-11 17:05:58

I’m putting up
lots of pictures from some point !!!!!!
AnMille-san clothes ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
This one piece’s
chest ribbon is cute 😍🎀
This one piece is cute and feels good to wear, I’ve been wearing it a lot this winter ピンクハート
By the way this one piece,
during the shoot I wore this↓ color キラキラ
Laughing loudly! lol
AnMille-san shoots are always very fun 爆笑爆笑爆笑ラブラブ
Well then, I’ll update again later ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
It’s still cold so
please stay warm and watch your health kay 雪の結晶


2021-02-07 21:05:07

Yesterday was,

星 M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~ 星
Osaka performance!!
My first live in a long time…
I was filled with nerves and anticipation !!
Standing on stage gettingto see everyone made me happier than anything else
Of course for me getting to be in the same space with everyone and in that sapce getting to sing, dance, and perform, I felt like, I love it ラブラブ
In this situation,
I feel like even coming to the venue there’s uneasiness it’s rough but, those who came, thank you so much!
And we’re in this situation so
I feel there are those of you who wanted to come but couldn’t too. When this situation calms down I hope we see each other soon…!
Really eveyrone
always always
thank you so much for your warm support ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The members in Osaka!
Kudou Haruka-chan
Nihei Yuuka-chan and
Kobayashi Hikaru-chan!
With these cute fun 3 people
it was very soothing 照れピンクハート
Getting to also eat takoyaki made me happy〜
It was yummy〜
From when I was writing for the daily raw photos
If you’re going to Osaka, it’s takoyaki!
I’d be great to eat takoyaka in Osaka huh〜
I was thinking about it so getting to eat some made me happy 🐙🏀
Do you like it???💓


2021-01-27 11:12:35

Good Morning ピンクハート
I’ve had shoots and interviews
and started preparations for the M-line Special 2021 キラキラ
Now, I’m
looking forward to Sunday !!!!!!
For some reason or another…
This season’s drama,
『Tengoku to Jigo]ku〜Saiko na Futari〜』
[tl approx: “Heaven and Hell ~ Psycho Pair~”]
I want to see the continuation soon 流れ星
Ah, speaking of dramas!
A bit ago I saw on Netflix, 『Itaewon Class』!!
I was told by my friends and hair and make-up-san 『Itaewon is interesting so watch it watch it!』 so when I started watching it I was like, “this is interesting!” and I watched it all at once〜 !!
When watching Itaewon
I talked with my Big sis-chan ハート
Big sis 『What are you watching〜?😃』
Me 『It’s Itaewon〜😆』
Big sis 『Pokemon?〜☺️』
Me 『Itaewon!!!!😂』
Big sis 『Pokemon!!!! YOU!!!!?🙄』
Me 『Not that, it’s I, tae, wo, n!!😠』
Big sis 『Po, ke, mo, n!!??🙃』
I feel like she wouldn’t ever get it. lol
It was funny including that 🤗
Well, picture time 花火うさぎクッキードーナツ
MIIA-san collabo one piece dress ハート
These pictures are from the end of October last year but
I hadn’t put them up so
I’ll put them all up at once 😆 lol
With that
today too ❤️
I’ll do my best❤️❤️❤️
I hope you spend today with a smile ラブラブ
Laters kayーー 爆笑パー

18th Anniversary♡

2021-01-19 18:39:29

1/19 is
6ki members joining Morning Musume。 day✨
That’s right! Today is,
the 6ki members 18th anniversary day❤️🧡💙💗
Well, it feels like just recently we had done the congratulations on your 15th anniversary event though…😆 花火
It went by in a flash huh〜 うさぎクッキーねこクッキーハートのプレゼント
1 year ago too too
2 years ago today too
I had Sayuminglandoll performances so
not being able to see all the fans today is lonely but…
it’s very very lonely but…
But in this
I’m grateful that we can be connected with SNS 💗
of course I love everyone yah〜
Yesterday, on twitter,
『Of the 9 things I won’t or can’t do, I’ve only progressed on 2!』
When I wrote about that too everyone was like
『Doing 2 is amazing! Excellent!Wonderful! Genius!』
Eveyrone was telling me things like that
And after that even though I aid Oyasayumin while carrying over 5 of the things to tomorrow
『Doing 2 more is amazing!Excellent! Wonderful! Genius! Cute!』
I was praised a lot like that
In any case, all you sweet people are nice and of course srange but you’re all lovely, I love it from the bottom of my heart💕
For me myself, even though it’s not completely perfect, I have a sense of perfection?, even if I can’t do it at all, my ideals are high
I have times I fuss over it too much
With failure too it’s scare or like into the night? alone
I get like, “Waーーーh” but you know…
Everyone is always there for me, giving me support
feeling like I can be spoiled really can put me at ease 😭
Everyone you know, it might be the power to accept me I think.
Mm, the power of acceptance!! It’s outstanding ya know!!!!
For excepting my feelings and words with lots of love always, thank you 💞
Of course form here too, I’m gonna give my all with my work from though!!
Well I can’t say it well but, enveloped by everyone’s kindness, the comfort is really great! I want to say it like htat I think ♡
Always giving me power, giving relief, that’s because of all of you fans!!💕
Well, really,
for liking me, thank you.
I’m getting lots so and lots so I want to give back!!
So I can give everyone smiles
I’ll do my best for my 19th year too ピンクハート
As soon as possible I hope to laugh and be together with everyone with all we got while being at ease.
Always, thank you for real❣️
From here on too please give me your support ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The pictures in the pink Tshirt are pictures from around May of last year but
I’m here today too yah??? lol
Haーi ピンクハート
Pleaーse ピンクハート
For the 19th year too I’ll do lots of self-shots kay うさぎ ✨✨
Michishige Sayumi


2021-01-14 21:02:47

are you doing okay??
Really everyday is cold yah…
Is it this kind of cold every year… just gotta get through this cold… it’s so cold I feel like that ❄️😨
I can’t move from on top of my electric carpet 😆 I can’t 😆
Seasonally, I like the atmosphere of fall〜winter so I’m happy but you knowー…
Of course when it’s too cold, I long for spring 🌸
Everyone, please take care of your health in earnest!!
This Angel Blue hoodie is cute 💓
It’s nostalgica ya know〜
Angel Blue and Mezzopiano, I love them 💞
I use to wear them all the time yah〜
Getting to wear them even after becoming an adult is emotional🥺
A, you might have already noticed I think,
With this update too
The it seems like I put them up somewhere before but
I probably didn’t post them so I’m putting up lots of pictures being put up for the first time series
This is it!爆笑
Saying that,
if I’ve already put them up somewhere before I’m sorry yah lol
A self-shot festival 爆笑爆笑爆笑
↑ During htis one, I had a pimple on my lower lip huh ☺️ lol
With that〜 later kay ピンクハート


2021-01-09 14:05:31

Good Afternoon パスタコーヒーチーズ
I was saying, maybe I made this a series before
It seems like I put them up somewhere before but
I probably didn’t post them so I’m putting up lots of pictures being put up for the first time, it’s time for that series ピンクドーナツドーナツ
For now???
Other pictures from thet pictures I put up on New Year’s Eve🤗
I took a lot huhー lol lol
And here’s an announcement ✨
2/6(sat)、2/13 (Sat)、2/14(Sun)
I’m appearing in,
M-line Special 2021(Temp Title)
there’s performances that have changed their opeing and starting times.
The updates to my appearing performances are,
2/6 (Sat)
Nanba Hatch
【1st performance】 Opening 14:00/Starting 15:00 → Opening 14:00/Starting 14:45
【2nd performance】 Openign 17:30/Starting 18:30 → Opening 17:15/Starting 18:00
That’s it!
I’ll be happy if you check the official site for details 🙇‍♀️
And, for thoe
ルンルン M-line Special 2021 (Temp Title)ルンルン‘s SNS priority applications are starting up ✨
The application period is for 1/13 (Wed) 23:59!
And even more
FC2nd stage priority
Hello! Project NEXT priority is starting too 流れ星
Hello! Project NEXT Priority ✨✨
will be going until 1/13 (Wed) 10:00!
The world is still full of uneasiness but
I hope to get to see your smiles…!
And I feel like there are those because of this situation who want to go but can’t or those worrying about it but
Sincerely pleaes don’t do anything unreasonabnle kay!!
I really feel like I want to see all my beloved fans of course
But more than anything and importantly what makes me happy is that all my beloved fans are happy and healthy!!💞
Really, thank you always for the warm supportピンクハート
Well then
laters kay ラブラブラブラブラブラブ

Please Support Me, 2021

2021-01-04 13:53:57

The first blog 牛餅鏡餅
Happy New Years 鍋絵馬お年玉
please continue to support me this year too 寿司門松おせち
My first dream for this year was a dream were I ate 3 soft-serve ice creams
It was a 3 piled vertically kind of thing
Like this
↑ With the stamps there’s a gap between each but, it was 3 piled on each other with no gaps 爆笑
It was just a dream but
It was seriouslly deliciousss!!!!!
that’s what it felt like yahくまアイスピンクハート
I wonder if eveyrone’s had their first dreams too?✨
A so dazzlingーーー☀️ face
A picture of the great backlight location ☀️
I’m wearing the collabo outfit with MIIA-san !!ピンクハート
The sway of the skirt when you move is cute, it’s one of my favorites things about it ピンク薔薇赤薔薇
As always I took a lot of pictures おねがいラブラブラブラブ
I gotta take a lot of pictures this year too うさぎ牛うさぎ牛ガーベラ
Thank you for looking at this all the way to the end ピンクハート