Sayumi Recipe⭐︎

2022-03-06 01:00:19

Today you know,
I had breakfast early too so
this evening at around 4:00 I got so hungry…
if I at dinner at that time then in the middle of the night I’d get hungry yahーー thinking that, (Lately, I’ve been careful about my meal timing 😆)
For now, I’ll hold out until dinner with just the beansprouts namul I’ve been makingーー!!!
Thinking that I went to the kitchen
and suddenly it’d catch my eye,
this 下矢印


That reminds me I bought this stuffー!!!

Beansprouts namul is pretty easy to make in the first place but

With this it’ll be even easier to try to make, thinking that I made it キラキラキラキラ

And, I,

regularly when I’m making whatever I do, its definite, but

really, definitely

I end up putting in more flavoring than in the recipe by far….

Well, I feel like it’s not enough… no matter what笑い泣き

Moreover, up to now I haven’t had a measuring spoon

I’d approximate by eye but

This is 1 tablespoon!! I’d do it feeling it out like that

And the recipe will say to put in 1 tablespoon then

measuring by eye I’d put in like 1.5 tablespoons yah 笑い泣き

So, is it because I’m a cooking beginner that my measuring by eye is like that?

I started thinking that (Every time, the flavor is yummy but of course it feels strong 😆)

Recently I bought measuring spoons online びっくりマークびっくりマークびっくりマーク照れ

Even with that, when using measuring spoons

I have the habit of putting in more flavoring and not fixing it!!😂


today making this beansprout namul

even though for one packet of this flavoring 2 teaspoons of seasme oil is fine

Well, washing measuring spoons is a pain yah…

I ended up thinking that

and so in the end I’d not use the measuring spoon,

on the contrary, I measured by eye, and that was probably, about 1.5 tablespoons I put in it!!!😂😂😂

Then you knowー

of course

Sesame Oil!!!!

it tasted just like that 😢

I can’t eat this… in the end…

thinking that in the end I made dinner just like that and

Recently, I’ve gotten comments and DMs on Insta asking “If you’re putting up your cooking I want to learn your recipe!” so…♡

I’ll teach you the recipe kay ニコニコラブラブラブラブラブラブ

First off, with the sesame oiled beansprouts namul

fry in a frying pan (the sesame oil is amazing to begin with so of course you don’t need to put oil in the frying pan yah!)

In that, add in green onion and scallions (My house only has onions… if you have cabbage and mushrooms that’s good tooー…)!

sautee until it looks good

Then at once, put it on the plate,

Chicken breast meat (For me I used 200gー!) cut thin and then add to that,

salt and pepper, mix in about 1.2cm from a tube of garlic, and cover in potato starch? Rub it in? And fry that (This time oil the frying pan!下矢印

Fry both sides firmly and there

Once again add 1.2cm of garlic tube (Earlier I thought it might not be enough? so at this time just added more 😂)

Add about 1 tablespoons of cooking alcohol!?

Add about 2 tablespoons of shoyu!?

Put in a little bit of mentsuyu!(And a little is!?)

Put in a little bit of sugar!(And so a little is!?)

When it reaches a color that generally looks pretty good

add back in the beansprout namul from before

Mix it aーll and it’s doーーーne キメてる乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ


乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキKiraKira sparkling〜乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ

The taste is a liーーーttle strongーー!!😆 

You totally shouldn’t copy me!!!!!!😂😂😂

Probably, I think you should do half the shoyu,

The beansprout namul has lots of flavor in the first place so, I think it’d be good if you didn’t add much flavoring to it?? That’s what I thought about it!!!! lol

Microwaved some rice, and I did my best and ate it all together with rice though 😂

That’s how it was lol

Well, I make lots of yummy things too so learn those recipes! I think you know??? lol

But you know, with what I succeeded with, I checked online, ANd it’s just like this! Really the same!

I copied it so (I ended up increasing the seasoning amount though! lol

That isn’t the way for making that I thought about so

putting it up like this is no good huh??🤔

And so today’s more my style of recipe… thinking that I wrote this blog but

it very much isn’t great but, the flavor is strong so

If you us about half as much as me when you make it!!!😆

If you do please put other vegetables in it too!! 😆 (It won’t be the same thing though!! lol

Well, this got long, sorry 爆笑

Today my face it like this!



2022-03-05 22:21:01

on Netflix
『Megami wa Futatabi Hohoemu』 [tl lit: “The Goddess Smiles Twice”, aka “Kahaani”]
I saw this movie!!✨
I love movies with unexpected twists so
That category? I searched for it online
and tried watching it!!
As usual at the end, something I didn’t really expected happened, it surprised me

Stories with unexpected twists, I see them relatively often so,
everytime it’s like, 『Actually this person is the criminal huh!?』
『Actually, this person is the traitor…!?』
I look at it with that point of view but
every time my story is pretty much not related with the story 😆 lol

Ah, by the way,
『Megami wa Futatabi Hohoemu』 on Netflix
seems it’ll be streaming until 3/7 立ち上がる
Ah, and, where had I said this before!?
Some time ago I had seen it but
『Kioku no Yoru』[tl lit: “Memories of the Night”, aka “Forgotten”]
that movie was reaaaallly interesting too びっくりマークびっくりマークびっくりマーク
(If I already said this on the blog before sorry lol
(I saw it on Netflix!
This movie,
I saw it on the recommendation of the stylist-san who is always helping me at BijinHyakka-san,
It’s really very interesting
I recommended it at work, Big Sis-chan and my friends
I wanted to talk about what we thought about it soon if you want to,
and so my friend watched it right after she got home!!
My friend dislikes putting things off after we say byebye 😂 lol
Does everyone have any recommendations for unexpected twists? はてなマークキメてる


2022-03-03 23:06:38

It’s March huh 🎎🌸

It’s already the 3rd though!!


Chachamaru [tl aka: Dom]おねがいおねがいおねがいまじかるクラウンピンクハート

Today, for sure, coming out of the bath I put on too much hair oil〜!!lol



Please give me your support this month too ニコニコラブラブラブラブ

Happy Shopping♡

2022-03-03 00:26:06

I’m rewriting a blog after deleting them for the third day in a row ぽってりフラワーおすましペガサス泣き笑い飛び出すハート
The humidifier I bought recently feels great, it makes me happy❣️❣️❣️
Up to now too, of course I’ve had a humidifier in my room but
well, 1 wasn’t enough I think, I want more humidification〜 That’s how I felt
But refilling the water, it’s unexpectedly a pain yah?? lol
Well then, 1 is fine then!!
I thought that but!!
I wanted a humidifier with aroma compatibility…!!!
it occured to me
and so instantly, I bought one online 🙃🙃🙃
And the next day it arrived!!!
(Fast, amazing, I’m grateful…)
That feels really greatー!!!✨
The humidifier I had originally, you couldn’t see the stream?mist? stuff but
The force of the mist is so strong you can properly see it so, I really feel like, 『A〜〜 now my room is being humidified yahh,』 it makes me happy ❤️
It has the aroma compatibility I desired so the scent is soothing❤️
And, well, it lights up fancy 🤩🤩🤩❤️
Picking colors
blue, pink, purple, green…
But what I wanted, it changes through all the colors automatically 義理チョコ義理チョコ義理チョコ義理チョコ義理チョコ義理チョコ義理チョコ義理チョコ
Rainbow びっくりマーク指差し
That’s it!!
Well… more….
I was worried about it feeling better written than the first time but,
Like this, rewriting it I didn’t remember how i expressed it you know… 赤ちゃんぴえんガーン
I forgot how I finished the blog too,
Rainbow びっくりマーク指差し I finished it like that! lol

Well then, Picture time 😉乙女のトキメキ

Ponytail ニコニコラブラブ

I picked out the band color, and my clothes matchingーふんわりウイングふんわりウイング

Well… my sleeves aren’t wet!?笑ピンク音符

This hairpin,

I found it online and it was so cute I bought it ぽってりフラワーぽってりフラワーぽってりフラワー

Mary Quant♡

I took so many pictures I’ve got so much 💗💗💗

And gradually it’s finished yah!! lol

Oyasayumin ハートハートハートハートハートまじかるクラウン


2022-03-02 22:53:25

I erased it again!!!!!😆😆😆
Ah, speaking of, yesterday’s blog picture,
in the comments,
there were comments that were like, “Did you color your hairー?” but
I、have、not、colored、my、 hair☺️♡
Depending on the light it looks brown I think?

For always looking at my blog

and commenting, thank you ❤️❤️❤️


2022-03-01 22:17:32

Yesterday I was writing a blog while in the bath (It was kinda long.
and I thought I’d continue it later!
And closed my smartphone
and I thought to continue writing it now
and it’s goneeeee 🙃🙃
I hadn’t properly saved it, stupid!!!!🙃🙃

Me today ひらめきキラキラ

I had a very fun photoshoot ♪♡🎀✨⭐︎

Michinoshige Sayuno⭐︎

2022-02-26 23:19:43

After Pinky Sayumin is, of course おねがい
Offshots of Michinoshige Sayuno-san〜〜〜びっくりマーク飛び出すハート


For 2021 too, being my birthday event helper, thank you so much 笑ううさぎピンクハートグラサンハート

Michinoshige-san offshots too,

I have loーーーts !!!!!!サングラス


Lots of self-shots tooーーーラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ


Well, I have more offshots of her than of Pinky Sayumin huh!?

Pinky, seems she got shy 泣き笑い笑


that’s fine キメてる!

[Tl note: a video is in this location, please view on her blog]

That’s all ❤️

Pinky Sayumin⭐︎

2022-02-25 18:06:55

You still haven’t put them up for me yet??? Sayumin so mean!! Sayumin you’re so lateeeee!!ちょっと不満泣
… of course I got scolded by Pinky so
finally… I’ll put it up 😂
ねこクッキー Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2021 うさぎクッキー
acting as my helper
まじかるクラウン Pinky Sayumin まじかるクラウン pictures💓

For 2021 too, being my birthday event helper, thank you so much 爆笑爆笑爆笑

I’m sorry for putting up the offshots late yah, Pinky⭐︎chan!


Everyone, even though it’s this late…

these pictures, I’m sorryてへぺろ笑い泣きキョロキョロ💦

As an apology for being late はてなマーク

I’ll put up lots of off shots!!💗✨

The flowers are cute yah花花花花花

Now the flowers, Pinky right!? as though the pressure to say 『Pinky is Cute』 is amazing…笑

Everyone, please write in the comments, “Pinky is cute 😍” for me lol

I think she’d be jumping with joy バレエバレエバレエ飛び出すハート


it’s an offshot festival 笑ううさぎびっくりマーク

I have a video tooーてへぺろピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

[tl note: please video from actual blog]

That’s all💓
Pinky Sayumin, thank you 💗
Pinky’s here and so…
Next time maybe that one… will show up…!? right!?👓


2022-02-23 20:52:22

Smartphone 📱
Abbreviating it
as SumaHo📱
I’m doing it just like one would expect, I’m saying SumaHo SumaHo but
it’s generally abbrevaited
even then as one would expect
you say SumaHo SumaHO…
That’s kind strange!!
I dazzly thought about it for like 5 minutes 😆
Well, something I did…
『SumaHo, SumaFo
Smartphone, Smarthon』
I tried saying it outloud like that 😂
Are there other words that change like this when you abbreviate it?
I thoguht about it for like 30 seconds but
one didn’t come to mind 😌
That’s the end of today’s blog 😆😆😆
Sorry this felt like a monologue
But this kind of blog is good too right!!?