2022-02-23 20:52:22

Smartphone 📱
Abbreviating it
as SumaHo📱
I’m doing it just like one would expect, I’m saying SumaHo SumaHo but
it’s generally abbrevaited
even then as one would expect
you say SumaHo SumaHO…
That’s kind strange!!
I dazzly thought about it for like 5 minutes 😆
Well, something I did…
『SumaHo, SumaFo
Smartphone, Smarthon』
I tried saying it outloud like that 😂
Are there other words that change like this when you abbreviate it?
I thoguht about it for like 30 seconds but
one didn’t come to mind 😌
That’s the end of today’s blog 😆😆😆
Sorry this felt like a monologue
But this kind of blog is good too right!!?

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