2022-02-21 10:55:37

The hair clips from this month’s Bijin Hyakka appendix are so cute 🎀

Not just the hair clips,

The hand pouch that came with it too, it’s really gorgeoussss おねがいキラキラ

For me personally, these sorta hair clip like things I usually carelessly lose one side but… 💦

Using hte pouch I can properly store them every time so the yare hard to lose 爆笑ハート I’m grateful ハート

Matching clothes with them if cute too of course 💗

it’s hard to see marks from where they’re holding so,
when doing my make up it looks like I can do stuff like hold my bangs too 😍💄✨
Bijin Hyakka-san’s appendix, really every time it’s high quality, it’s amazing おねがい まじかるクラウン 乙女のトキメキ

Well then! I’ll update later 💓

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