Shoe blistering

The day before yesterday, I got a shoe blister


Have you guys had that before?


The wound is small, but it hurts so much (;_;)


But my stylist gave me a really good band aid ☆


This is a really good band aid \(^O^)/


Until my wound heals, it won’t come off
it won’t break apart, I can even wear it as is into the bath!


We live in such an amazing time ↑


Medical science is great ↑↑


I think I’ll carry these band aids with me from now on!


With these band aids, I’ll be able to handle most injuries (≧▼≦)


So if I get hurt, I don’t have to worry!


Because thanks to these band aids, I can feel more at ease ☆☆


I can even get shoe blisters now (^.^)b

0 thoughts on “Shoe blistering

  1. We indeed live in exciting times!!! \(^O^)/

  2. ah! i know how she feels. blisters from shoes are the worst! especially when they get wet, or are exposed to air. it feels like the flesh is being ripped right off.

  3. Another clue that she’s shooting for a PB! If she got blisters from her shoe that means that they were likely new… part of an outfit for the shoot!!

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